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Sports are my life- all of them! I love everything about sports, from watching to playing and spending hours researching stats. I couldn't imagine a life without sports, as its brings endless hours of happiness. Sports were a major part of my life from an early age, as I have a large family who are highly active in sports which also comes with a extreme competitiveness.

Hockey had been for the longest time been my favorite sport as I have played it for years, but over the last couple of years MMA(mixed martial arts) has begun to take over. I love the sport because its the only sport,.which you're totally responsible for your own results, nobody else to blame but yourself for your loses. I love that aspect of sports, which is the reasoning behind why I played goalie in hockey, as I felt it was the only position that could win or lose a game for your team.

I love this website and feel great full being able to find it. Finally a place where I and many others can express their feelings for sports!!

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