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  • dave kuhn posted 679 days ago

    dave kuhn

    You better pray to god the uneducated people of america doesn't cast their vote to trump

  • Rincewind Rjinswand posted 1056 days ago

    Rincewind Rjinswand

    Or course, defensive errors really haven't helped either (e.g. Subotic's two mistakes that led to two goals against Bayern).

  • Rincewind Rjinswand posted 1056 days ago

    Rincewind Rjinswand

    Hey, mate! My answer to your question about Dortmund's Jekyll-and-Hyde form in the CL and the Bundesliga is a bit long, so I thought I'd post it here as well.

    The main cause of it I think is the different styles of play adopted by their opponents in the two competitions. In the CL, the teams know that if they don't come out and attack, then they won't get out of the group, so they tend to avoid simply trying to hold on for a point. However, in the league, that's a very acceptable strategy for many of the sides that lack the star power and depth of Dortmund. Although Dortmund are (in my humble opinion) one of the absolute best counter-attacking clubs in Europe, they really have difficulty in capitalizing on possession and breaking down defensive teams. The teams in the Bundesliga have realized this since BVB exploded onto the scene in 2010-11, and they know that they still have the entire rest of the season to go for 3 points in other matches, so when they play BVB they simply sit way back and defend, hoping to pick up the odd goal on the counterattack. Unfortunately for Dortmund, they've been unable to make their possession really count in the league, and they've been picked off by their opponents.

    The Champions League is of course an entirely different story. Arsenal, Anderlecht, and Galatasaray have all been more or less forced into attacking by the nature of the group stage (unlikely to qualify if you only get six draws), and this has played right into Dortmund's hands: they let the other side have the majority of possession and play a fast-paced, high-pressing, counter-attacking game, which has led to four very comfortable wins out of four in which they've breezed past their opponents.

    Until Dortmund are able to adapt their strategy to be able to effectively attack when they have the majority of possession in a game, this situation is very likely to continue in the Bundesliga. The fact that Sahin's been injured all season and Gundogan's just come back from over a year out is also a significant factor in this, as without them, they haven't really had a midfield distributor to help keep play moving along when the team has possession and isn't on a fast break. Hopefully with Gundogan getting more and more practice and fitness, he'll be able to help provide a spark for the club to start turning their league form around. However, I'm honestly not too confident about that happening this weekend, as the match is against Moenchengladbach, who are in excellent form right now.

  • WHY NEbuala posted 1108 days ago

    WHY NEbuala

    Man u suck deal with it. They will get better but you have to accept the JOKES. read joke not a 'mask'

  • Kobe Bryant posted 1170 days ago

    Kobe Bryant

    Mexico sucks... Die Mannschaft!

  • Orale Orale, la Paulo ese. Hey your comment was awesome holmes.