Doug Nichols

Doug Nichols

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An optimist and a cynic. Hopeful and yet skeptical. I am a die-hard fan of my teams but I try not to flail too wildly when things are bad or get my hopes up too high. Always analyzing and dissecting. I prefer to keep a level head and examine an issue from all angles.

Love civilized discussions with those who have opposing viewpoints. Hate ignorance and elitism.

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  • Phil 1stine posted 238 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Doug

  • Alan Frank posted 306 days ago

    Alan Frank

    keep up the great work mate.

  • Gunning Lion posted 350 days ago

    Gunning Lion

    Why haven't you written anything about arsenal?

  • Phil 1stine posted 352 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    Cheers Doug, but so far I've managed to avoid the evils of twitter...

  • Phil 1stine posted 469 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    Indeed. Depressing isn't it.

  • Phil 1stine posted 598 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    No worries mate, always a pleasure to read your stuff - always balanced and measured, which seems to be a rarity on here.

  • I.J. Yarison posted 855 days ago

    I.J. Yarison

    Thanks, Doug, for your words of appreciation. It encourages me to continue writing.

  • Sammy Leach posted 894 days ago

    Sammy Leach

    It definitely was, awesome work Doug!

  • Darryl L. Jones posted 907 days ago

    Darryl L. Jones

    No problem man, keep up the good work.