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  • David K posted 1879 days ago

    David K

    When i first read this, i wasnt quite what to think or how i felt about the author, except that it was pretty well written. So i looked up what the publication was about, reread it, then i "got it".
    Either way, the article is not what it seems at first, but a genuinely interesting read nonetheless.


  • David K posted 1886 days ago

    David K

    Whats new Dave? How relevant is GSP in MMA? Id like your thoughts on the topic. Thanks!

  • David K posted 1898 days ago

    David K

    Thanks for the pick Dave.

  • Derek Bolender posted 1907 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Check out my article about what happens next to Shields, Lawler, Rogers, Arlovski, etc... .



  • David K posted 1920 days ago

    David K

    Hey Dave, id like to share my ufc 98 experience with you. u can check it out at

  • Tony Meyer posted 1933 days ago

    Tony Meyer

    Hey Dave,

    I just finished the first half of the mother of all slide shows. I focused on the 100 greatest NFL players of the past 25 years who didn't attend a Division I college. This is part 1, give it a look and let me know what you think! Look out for part 2 coming soon! Thanks!


  • Andrew Cahill posted 1953 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    I am surprised by the number of people who actually want to reserve the right to bad-mouth their teams! I offer constructive criticism, of course, but one in particular wants to be able to say, "they suck," if they do.

    I don't get it. Will YOU take the pledge?


  • Jon Neely posted 1982 days ago

    Jon Neely

    Thanks for the pick man