Alex Faubert

Alex Faubert


It only felt appropriate to include a picture of me doing something athletic here. I'm glad the above moment was captured on camera, because this is one of the cleanest dunks I've ever thrown down. Granted, the rim was 9 feet tall. But I wasn't even wearing shoes.

Though I may not be able to dunk a regulation-sized net (it's a work-in-progress) and my hopes of becoming a professional athlete were crushed (sadly, not too) long ago, my life still revolves around playing, watching, and talking sports.

Though the following admission is generally met with a chuckle, a light-hearted insult and an empathetic pat on the back, I'll proudly admit the Toronto Raptors are, above all, my most beloved sports franchise. The Philadelphia Eagles, Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Blue Jays round out my list of favourite squads. Before you say it, let me beat you to the punch: I certainly haven't had much to cheer about of late.

So please, join me on my journey to a career in sports writing and leave your feedback and opinions on the messageboards. As my photo suggests, that's the closest to a career in sports that I'm going to get.

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