harry 7864

harry 7864


Well i used to watch a lot of wwe but now i just watch it now and then when i can but i mostly just check out the results but when i have holidays i do stay up to watch the ppv but i hardly watch wwe as much as i used to but i still try to get all the information and do pay attention to it looking at the results and breaking news.

I also watch TNA and its a bit like the way with wwe since i live in England its hard to get hold of tna so i just watch it on the website and check the results just like i do with wwe but dont watch it as much.

Also im a huge manchester united fan and always follow them and watch all of their matches and check all their transfer news overall im a huge football fan and love football even more then wrestling.

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  • Saffy Hussain posted 2486 days ago

    Saffy Hussain

    Thanks for becoming a fan. Wait, Why wouldn't you I'm awesome but don't expect anything back.