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Graduated from:
Depew High School (2007)
Buffalo State College (2011)

I am 25 years old and played soccer for a large portion of my life before finally deciding it was time to go in another direction and sports writing was that direction. I love messing around with statistics and trying to find new ways to better analyze how players are actually performing and whether or not they are helping their team succeed.

After completing the summer internship on Bleacher Report, I have joined the site full-time as a member of the Breaking News team. It is great to be a part of the staff at one of the fastest-growing sports sites on the Internet.

My favorite part of the sports calendar is the first two days of March Madness (when my bracket still has a chance) because of the non-stop action and the chance to learn some great stories about players you otherwise would have never known about.

The only two sports I don't religiously follow that are covered by Bleacher Report are MMA and boxing. Even those I keep an eye on, though. Other than those two, I will pretty much watch any live sporting event that is on television (even curling).

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  • Keenen Lee posted 12 hours ago

    Keenen Lee

    Please explain why the Michelle Beadle article does not have the comment section. I feel as a journalist on this site you have a responsibility to provide something as simple as a comment section; the feedback of fans allows everyone to voice their opinion, people get another point of view to look at it, and we are all adults for the most part. Dont take away our voice. If you dont want to piss your boss off I understand, I wouldnt want to be jobless either.

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  • Hannah K posted 3 days ago

    Hannah K

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  • Max Brooks posted 33 days ago

    Max Brooks

    If you want people to actually care for your articles then let people comment on it


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