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My name is Mike Chiari. I'm 23 years old and I graduated from Buffalo State College in four years with my bachelor's degree in journalism in the spring. I previously graduated from Depew High School in Depew, NY; a suburb of Buffalo.

While attending Buff State I wrote for the school's student-run newspaper, The Record, for two years. I wore many hats in the sports section of the paper, working as a staff writer, associate editor and editor. During that time I covered a multitude of sports, including the men's basketball and football teams.

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  • William Berry posted 4 days ago

    William Berry

    William Berry with Earnestine Berry in Charlotte, NC
    Just now ยท

    In the AP story, it says a source played a voicemail from April 9 that came from a phone number at the NFL offices, in which a female voice says the tape was received, expresses thanks and says: "You're right. It's terrible." The source could not tell AP for certain if anyone at the NFL offices had watched the video, and he had no further contact with any other NFL employees. The AP report said the source was unauthorized to release the video but "shared it unsolicited, because they wanted the NFL to have it before deciding on Rice's punishment." I said all along that GOODELL is guilty and deserves more that anybody hie is the reason for all of this in the first place and to think he asked RAY RICE to fall on the sword for him! BAN THE NFL!

  • William Berry posted 5 days ago

    William Berry

    My name is Mike Chiari. So you have already convicted him huh? That is a lot of hate for a 23 year old.

  • Kim Gorman posted 9 days ago

    Kim Gorman

    Regarding Shaq O'Neil's law enforcement commitment
    When he played for the Lakers, he was a second-class reserve officer for the Port of Los Angeles police department.
    When he played for the Heat, he became a U.S. deputy marshal and was a reserve officer in the Miami Beach Police Department.
    When he played for the Suns, he volunteered with the Tempe Police Department.
    When he played for the Cavaliers, he was on track to become deputized in Cuyahoga County.
    When he played for the Celtics, he was a member of the Worcester County Reserve Deputy Sheriff Association.
    In retirement, he joined the Golden Beach police.

  • Karen Schuster posted 26 days ago

    Karen Schuster

    Hi Mike- I work for a China-based social media company, Mailman Group, that represents several sports teams, including 8 NFL teams in China. Would love to chat with you to see if we could contribute with whatever insights you would find interesting and useful.


  • Robert Kaufman posted 28 days ago

    Robert Kaufman

    I am truly sorry that you are such an idiot Mike, I do hope that you can get treatment for your stupidity

  • Kendall Clements posted 39 days ago

    Kendall Clements

    A ground breaking story is not allowed to be commented? Seriously? Is this the writer or Bleacher Report?

  • ryan kaiser posted 40 days ago

    ryan kaiser

    Why are comments turned off on the Hammon Story? There is nothing controversial about it, just the 2nd female assistant coach to a NBA team. Come on BR grow a pair.

  • Andreas Baum posted 107 days ago

    Andreas Baum

    A 23 year old writing an article on Gulbis and accusing him of being sexist? Get out and see the world kid, not only did you twist words which is a no no, you are making false accusations for personal gain. Your article should be taken down, and you should be run out of town. If BR supports your bullcrap story and others like it, then this site can go straight to hell as well. Now get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!

  • baller baller posted 124 days ago

    baller baller

    Man, I know it's not you. You're just a journalist. It's the powers that be that are trying to convince the public that "most people agree with their lifestyle" when that is simply not the case. And it's not just B/R. It's also all the major left wing media outlets. I mean, why the censorship?

  • baller baller posted 126 days ago

    baller baller

    Why can't we leave comments on the brittney griner story? Probably for the same reason that we can't leave comments on the micheal sam story on the nfl page. It's because you journalist just want to throw your agenda in our face without us being able to comment. That's crap man.

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