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My name is Mike Chiari and I'm a featured columnist for Bleacher Report's Breaking News Team. I'm a 25-year-old graduate of Buffalo State College from Buffalo, NY, and I've been part of BR's BNT since 2011.

I specialize in wrestling and hockey, although I have written about essentially every sport imaginable during my time at Bleacher Report.

I have also served as co-host of wrestling podcast Ring Rust Radio since 2012. I have had the honor of interviewing many of the biggest names in wrestling as part of RRR, including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Bruno Sammartino, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman and many more.

Follow me on Twitter @MikeChiari and follow RRR @RingRustRadio.

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  • Skip E. Bayless posted 13 days ago

    Skip E. Bayless

    How about you dont put a stupid click bait title on the Cam article and actually be a real journalist. Not some b**ch who gets views from click baits.

  • JNB JNB posted 34 days ago


    Why are you trying to make an issue about LeBron and the Tami Rice story? It is not a sports story. How is her opinion on LeBron's "silence" breaking news in any way at all?

  • Freddy Martinez posted 91 days ago

    Freddy Martinez

    Hi, I would like to let you know that I have created a petition to remove Greg Hardy from the NFL, and it has over 39,000 signatures. I remember reading an article about a petition created to remove Vick from the Steelers, and it got attention for only 15,000 signatures. I read about it on this site. The link for my petition is . Thanks.

  • Chuck DS posted 160 days ago

    Chuck DS

    Hey Mike! I appreciate that you are going out of your wrestling,hockey and baseball comfort zone by writing some stuff about the Asian Basketball scene, however, please do some background check first of the leagues so that your articles will be complete. cheers!

  • Joel McClurg posted 281 days ago

    Joel McClurg

    As far as I can see, Collins was eligible to be drafted and wasn't; therefore, he is an undrafted free agent and can sign with any team when his situation is cleared up. Me, being a Browns fan would love to see a road grader like Collins at RT for us. Then we would truly have the best offensive line in the NFL; and Johnny Football wouldn't have to do much but hand off the ball!

  • Trojan No posted 300 days ago

    Trojan No

    You d-bag...Now I can't see how many likes I got for my funny comment

  • RESPECT THE PATS posted 300 days ago


    why block us from leaving comments? Thats weak on your part. Be confident

  • Philip Burns posted 308 days ago

    Philip Burns

    The article on Patrick Peterson does not differentiate between type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Kind of a major distinction and helps those who do not know about diabetes that there is a difference and that healthy people do get diabetes?

  • Timofey Pavlovich Mozgov posted 347 days ago

    Timofey Pavlovich Mozgov

    you have got to go

  • faux sharon glencross posted 363 days ago

    faux sharon glencross

    Since you didn't provide a chance for comments about Darren Young's whining about WWE going to the UAEā€¦ I will do it here.

    1. Young should be happy for a job. If he doesn't like it quit. It's not going to make a major impact in ratings, only his chance of making more than 50.00 bucks a night.

    2. Does he think his sexuality is a bigger issue than business? How arrogant of a performer who is barely ever on TV. The Middle East as a whole is big on wrestling and the WWE/WWF (back in the days) used to go over there. Just because he's gay doesn't mean that the company or anyone else must accommodate him and his feelings.

    3. What makes people think that just because they are offended, it makes them right? It's like a person is so weak that mere words can hurt them. Man up.

    4. Finally a (semi) sports person is finally admitting that the Middle East and their main culture and religion are hateful of gays and women. I don't understand how the political left can continue to follow along with them and how they treat non muslims and non straight men.

    5. This isn't the first time you have refused to allow comments on your articles.

    do you not allow it, because you can't handle/don't want criticism of you and your articles for everyone to see? Or is it in this case you're afraid someone may say something edgy and offend someone?