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My name is Mike Chiari. I'm 23 years old and I graduated from Buffalo State College in four years with my bachelor's degree in journalism in the spring. I previously graduated from Depew High School in Depew, NY; a suburb of Buffalo.

While attending Buff State I wrote for the school's student-run newspaper, The Record, for two years. I wore many hats in the sports section of the paper, working as a staff writer, associate editor and editor. During that time I covered a multitude of sports, including the men's basketball and football teams.

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  • Andreas Baum posted 44 days ago

    Andreas Baum

    A 23 year old writing an article on Gulbis and accusing him of being sexist? Get out and see the world kid, not only did you twist words which is a no no, you are making false accusations for personal gain. Your article should be taken down, and you should be run out of town. If BR supports your bullcrap story and others like it, then this site can go straight to hell as well. Now get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!

  • baller baller posted 62 days ago

    baller baller

    Man, I know it's not you. You're just a journalist. It's the powers that be that are trying to convince the public that "most people agree with their lifestyle" when that is simply not the case. And it's not just B/R. It's also all the major left wing media outlets. I mean, why the censorship?

  • baller baller posted 63 days ago

    baller baller

    Why can't we leave comments on the brittney griner story? Probably for the same reason that we can't leave comments on the micheal sam story on the nfl page. It's because you journalist just want to throw your agenda in our face without us being able to comment. That's crap man.

  • RealFake Brit posted 88 days ago

    RealFake Brit

    Hey Mike. Good article. However, the last few sentences in your piece states how Griner did all this 'the right way'. Yet the link to your article on CNN states that Griner 'rips her Alma Mater'. How does that fit in to your 'right way' comment?

    Also, just a few months ago Griner was praising Baylor how they handled her sexuality and that she never felt alienated. Sorry dude, but you can't have it both ways. When you try to do that your integrity takes a very, very big hit. Might want to try and consider integrity in your reporting, rather than catching a few mouse clicks.


  • Gimme Shelter posted 88 days ago

    Gimme Shelter

    I wonder if Kaep will be able to litigate a suit against you and the B/R for slander or defamation if he gets anything less than a 5 year, $18mm contract renewal? I hope your parents have a lot of money otherwise you could end up paying for this for a very long time.

  • Gimme Shelter posted 91 days ago

    Gimme Shelter

    It's time to take the Kaep article off the front page of BR. There is no new evidence suggesting he or any of the other players did anything wrong to the young lady involved. Splashing his mug on the article makes it look like he's the only one involved and continues to suggest he has done something wrong. My hope is that he is vindicated and comes after you and the BR for slander.

  • Pete Benson posted 94 days ago

    Pete Benson

    Regardless of whether you did this because you read my post or not, thanks for making the change.

  • Pete Benson posted 94 days ago

    Pete Benson

    Since the police are "adamant" about Kaepernick not being the subject of a "sexual assault" investigation, perhaps you should change the headline. I realize that header is going to bring in more eyeballs than "suspicious incident" but try to be fair.

  • James Vaz posted 124 days ago

    James Vaz

    I just heard the March 11th RRR podcast, seriously what is Brandon Galvin's problem. He sounds more Dirt sheet complainer than anything. I can believe i am saying this, I was actually glad to hear from Donald Wood about TNA (Yes, I said it - TNA) - than hear from BG about panning Daniel Bryan v Triple H match at WM XXX. It is obvious, Triple H is going to put Daniel Bryan over at WM XXX and then screw him over in the three-way match later. Because for some reason they really want to put Batista over at Champ. The worst part is his movie based on the previews .... ABSOLUTELY BLOWS (and I am a old-school Marvel fan).

  • James Vaz posted 140 days ago

    James Vaz

    Elimination Chamber - The last chance for the WWE to save WM XXX (sounds like a bad Vin Diesel sequel) from the horror of Batista v Orton.

    I think tonight event goes like this.

    Look for Cesaro and Christian to start the match. Look for some good spots and look for Cesaro to eliminate Captain Charisma. Look for Cena to be next with Cesaro, at some point look for Lesnar to get so angry he breaks out of his own pod and destroy both Cena and Cesaro. Eliminating them both setting up Orton, Lesnar, and Bryan as the final 3. Next into the EC match will be Randy Orton! Lesnar and Orton will exchange offense, until some stage incident outside the Chamber involving Cena, Cesaro and the Wyatt Family. Suddenly something will happen with D-Bry pod where Kane will appear under it dragging Bryan "to hell". Look for Orton to deliver monster offense to Lesnar, until the end when Lesnar will get mad and F-5 the living hell out of Orton, twice. Brock Lesnar wins the WWE Title and then HHH and Stephanie will come down to ringside announcing Lesnar as the new face of the WWE.

    This gives us Batista vs Brock Lesnar at WM 30 for the title. Your thoughts.

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