Swoosh Wight

Swoosh Wight


Lived in Nebraska for 20 yrs, and I've only been to a handful of Husker games in person. Tickets are THAT hard to come by! Left Nebraska for the Marine Corps and defended the 'Skers (during BC era) and often quieted critics in the company of Vols and Gators fans, reflecting on the glory days while overseas in Japan and North Carolina.

Now living in Virginia after graduating from VCU as an Electrical Engineer (hey, no football team but we did beat Duke in the NCAA tourney). Even though I no longer reside in God's country where one can lay eyes on the sun setting over the horizon for hours and witness God's "remember me?" creation of thunderstorms while they roll in from miles away, I still and always will Bleed Husker Red. It's awesome that I can go to a sports bar to watch a game even while in Virginia and feel at home upon seeing other Husker faithful decked out in Red.

It's a Husker Nation!

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