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John Scott


What up! I'm John, I'm 19 and a sophomore at Transylvania University

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  • Austin Penny posted 2867 days ago

    Austin Penny

    sad day for football fans everywhere!

    check it out if you get a chance

  • G D posted 2870 days ago

    G D


    Right now we all need to take time out of our day, and pray for Jim Johnson. The Philadelphia Eagle's defensive coordinator who was diagnosed with skin cancer. Let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Dean Holden posted 2870 days ago

    Dean Holden

    Be sure to link me your article. I'd love to read it.

  • daniel cox posted 2886 days ago

    daniel cox


    did matt ryan hit the rookie wall? possibly. but i think it was a combination of things:


  • daniel cox posted 2887 days ago

    daniel cox


    divisional round letters, if you're interested:


  • daniel cox posted 2889 days ago

    daniel cox

    yeah i saw that. interesting move. i'm not sure how i feel about japanese pitchers. there's not a lot of history of success with those guys making the transition.

    but it's a move...and that's a good thing. the ajc has a poll on the story. "does the move make up for the loss of john smoltz"

    "yes, any move is better than no move": 41% 1618 votes
    "no, he's unproven in the majors": 58% 2298 votes

    interesting...braves fans are a little irritated at the moment.

  • daniel cox posted 2890 days ago

    daniel cox

    well, keep me posted. are you going to revisit it? it looks like you were wrong on quite a few.

  • daniel cox posted 2976 days ago

    daniel cox


    week six letters, if you're interested:


  • Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg posted 2977 days ago

    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

    Hope you can take a look,