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Shelter Yup that'z Me

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Don't start nothing, won't be nothing.... I am a Call it as I see it person....

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  • Tex 1 posted 1246 days ago

    Tex 1

    Hey Shelter, thanks for the response. You live in Dallas huh? That's cool, I love Texas. I used to live in Houston, but right now I am in college in maryland. I plan on moving back to Houston after I finished college, if a job is available that is.

    I think it is great that I am communicating with a real America Indian. So many people told me they're Indian but they looked white to me. I love the Indian way of life and their view of the natural world. Are you a Bleacher Report writer? If so, let me know when your next article comes out, OK?

  • Tex 1 posted 1250 days ago

    Tex 1

    Hey Shelter, thanks for the compliments. I guess we both know the real truth about racism among black people. I am encouraged that you don't let that fact affect how you associate with all black people because as we both know there is good and bad apples in every basket.

    You look very Asian to me, beside American Indian, are you predominantly Chinese or Korean?