Nicolas Anil

Nicolas Anil


An aspiring sports writer who is never one to support the favorites, always the underdogs. A huge Leeds United fan, hoping they will some day make it back to the promise land. Has a great day whenever Manchester United loses, or when Fergie gets red as a tomato. Hates football bandwagon supporters, it is the sole reason why there are so many fake Man Utd and Barca supporters out there. If you are going to support the team, do it because you sincerely love them, not because there are millions supporting them.

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  • Neri Stein posted 2392 days ago

    Neri Stein

    The reason it did that was because it was tagged under Multiple Sports instead of World Football. you want to tag World Football and EPL. I should've corrected that before.

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2412 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    did not mean any offense in my comment.