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As Bleacher Report's Transfers Correspondent, I will provide you player profiles and analysis on the latest transfers from European clubs.


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  • Jay Jay posted 1 day ago

    Jay Jay

    Yeah, Tom Cleverley has been doing alright. Should Manchester United sign Victor Valdes? Who would be a better signing for Manchester United; Mateo Musacchio or Aymeric Laporte? Do you think United need another midfielder?

  • Adel Janevic posted 2 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    What do you think of Albin Ekdal? What is his ceiling and how was he rated about four years ago?

    Is Youri Tielemens destined for greatness?

    Is Zoran Tošić good enough for Europe's top leagues? He has really shined in the Champions League for CSKA.

    Will Levin Öztunali be breaking out any time soon?

    TY Allan

  • Allan Jiang posted 3 days ago

    Allan Jiang

    @ Prithvi Pahwa: Morgan Schneiderlin is an elite midfielder and if he can score 10 goals per season, then he would be an ideal Manchester United transfer target.

    — Aymeric Laporte is a big talent and aside from Athletic Bilbao's 5-0 defeat to Real Madrid, he has continued to live up to the hype.


    @ Adel Janevic: You're spot on in your assessment and I believe what will attract notable clubs to Mathieu Deplagne is he is safe. Low risk tackler (hasn't been booked yet) and a lock for 6.5/10 performances.

    — I haven't paid attention to Dusan Basta. He has always struck me as a serviceable top-flight footballer, nothing more and nothing less.

    Seemingly everytime I watch Lazio, Antonio Candreva is doing something spectacular.


    @ Jay Jay: Tom Cleverley is comfortable at Aston Villa, in his element without the pressure of being at Manchester United and has opened up his passing. Sure, he does not have an assist, but he has created some shots for his teammates.

    — Early on in Jack Rodwell's career, I rated him. But when injuries struck and he opted for quick money at Manchester City, he was always facing an uphill battle.

    — Simone Zaza presses opposing defenders like crazy. Though, he needs to up his strike rate.

  • Prithvi Pahwa posted 9 days ago

    Prithvi Pahwa

    How do you rate Morgan Schniederlin? How do you think he would fit in at Manchester United? And what about Aymeric Laporte?

  • Adel Janevic posted 9 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    I don't watch Ligue 1 too much but I have seen Montpellier a bit this season and Deplagne hasn't really wowed me in the games I've seen, but I did notice that he is very assured and strong on the ball and doesn't look likely to make a mistake. He also seems to have a knack for blocks. He plays it safe on offense with short pass after short pass, but I suppose that allows him to lock down his flank. This is only what I saw from the games I watched, so from a very small sample size.

    Anyway, what do you think about Dušan Basta? I like his game but he hasn't really improved in a long time. Has he ever impressed you in the past and will his name ever become noteworthy anytime in the future?

  • Jay Jay posted 10 days ago

    Jay Jay

    How do you think Tom Cleverley is doing so far? I think he has done well so far, do you rate Jack Rodwell? I don't rate him whatsoever and it just shows how overpriced English players are seeing as he has raised about 25 million. What do you think of Simone Zaza? I think he's a good player, but strange he gets more hype than Domenico Berardi.

  • Allan Jiang posted 10 days ago

    Allan Jiang

    @ Jamie Britt: Divock Origi is more active than Mario Balotelli, whose shooting has been wasteful and he is not playing at the high standard Liverpool expect from him.

    — There is a lot to like about Jurgen Locadia: scores, creates, accurate passer, has physical upside and is a seasoned 20-year-old (in the process of completing his third season).

    Origi, since he has played in a stronger competition and is already integrated into the Belgian national team.

    At the end of the day, it is about which player ends up transitioning into a world-class centre-forward.

    For example, if you compared Adrian Lopez and Diego Costa at 20 years of age, you would pick Adrian, who was plagued by the P word (potential). Whereas, Costa was just trying to survive in Europe.

    Now, there is no comparison between the two.

    — Granit Xhaka keeps possession better, but Johannes Geis offers that defence spitting pass. The problem with Geis is he tends to turnover the ball attempting highlight reel passes.

    Xhaka is in better form right now, but I prefer Geis, whose playing style will mature (hopefully).


    @ Jay Jay: Edinson Cavani certainly is not living up to his transfer fee as there are 42 players across Europe's elite leagues who have scored more goals.

    — Saw a lot of Daley Sinkgraven when I was reviewing Heerenveen's games in the lead up of an player profile of his teammate Mark Uth [1].

    — Sinkgraven can play as a left-forward or control midfield proceedings as a central midfielder. His playing style is very mature for a 19-year-old and he is an all-round midfielder.

    Jay, your assessment is spot on, he is a massive prospect.



    @ Adel Janevic: Considering David Alaba is now a utility player for Bayern Munich, Ricardo Rodriguez is the best left-back so far this season.

    — This season, Nathaniel Clyne has been superb.

    — What are your thoughts on Mathieu Deplagne? He has looked pretty solid at right-back.

    — Memphis Depay plays more like Cristiano Ronaldo than Arjen Robben.

    — Jurgen Locadia is a dual threat: scores and creates. Though, his playing style seems more suited to being a deep-lying forward.


    @ Yasir Jones: No worries!

  • Jamie Britt posted 10 days ago

    Jamie Britt

    Hey Allan, Just a few questions. For starters Divock Origi has started the season great. Looks like he could really be a star. How would compare him to PSV's Jurgen Locadia? I know Locadia is playing mostly out wide this year, but to me he's the complete package. Between those two who do you think has the higher ceiling?

    And, been watching the Bundesliga a little bit more, been noticing Johannas Geis for Mainz. He looks quality except for that recent goof on the free-kick (we'll blame the turf). How does he compare against M'Gladbach's Granit Xhaka. Who do you think is the better player?

  • Jay Jay posted 18 days ago

    Jay Jay

    Yeah, PSG are way too complacent, hence what happened yesterday. A lot of people are saying Cavani is the new Torres, but football isn't the first thing on his mind at the moment. What do you think of Daley Sinkgraven? He looks a massive prospect.

  • Adel Janevic posted 19 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    Is Ricardo Rodriguez the best left-back in the world?

    Who is the best u23 right back? Carvajal, Danilo, Aurier, Montoya, Chambers, Cancelo, Clyne, Corchia, Fabinho, Manquillo, Arias, de Sciglio, van Rijn, Meunier, Mandi, or Yedlin?

    Is Memphis Depay the real deal like Arjen Robben or is he just another Labyad? And Jurgen Locadia?


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