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As Bleacher Report's Transfers Correspondent, I will provide you scouting reports, analysis on the latest European signings and transfer rumours.


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  • Ben Dewison posted 1 day ago

    Ben Dewison

    Which FPL do you play? I'll have a look.

  • Jose Echaniz posted 1 day ago

    Jose Echaniz

    Allan you wrote a great article on how the purchase of xabi Alonso affects Bayern but what about real Madrid do you think it was wise to let go an important figure for Madrid and what's your views and predictions for real Madrid's season

  • Jay Jay posted 2 days ago

    Jay Jay

    To think they could have the best centre back pairing in the world for about the same money they paid for Luke Shaw in Benatia and Garay is crazy. However, I think a midfield diamond of Carrick-Di Maria-Herrera-Mata could do great things. Do you think Arsenal should consider Miroslav Klose as a short term option to cover Giroud's injury? On Di Maria, I think it is a great signing but for arguments sake could Roberto Firmino or Ricky Alvarez have been cheaper alternatives? Do you think Daley Blind would make an elite CB? clutching at straws as there aren't any obvious would class CB's Man United could target.

  • Allan Jiang posted 2 days ago

    Allan Jiang

    @ Old Monk: You should have linked to slide eight for this cringeworthy, embarrassing, regrettably bad, and flat-out stupid opinion: "Gary Cahill will be to Chelsea to what Jean-Alain Boumsong was for Newcastle United."

    After I verbally eviscerated Gary Cahill, he went on to have career-best years at Chelsea.

    You are rolling on the floor laughing, whereas I'm hoping some mad genius creates a time machine, so I can go back in time and write: Eight reasons why struggling Gary Cahill will prove his doubters wrong at Chelsea.

    — Talking about centre-backs, I was also wrong about Dejan Lovren.

    He went from being one of the worst players in Ligue 1 to one of the best defenders in the Premier League at Southampton, which facilitated a £20 million move to Liverpool.

    The performances of both players ranged from average to horrible leading into their transfers to Chelsea and Southampton respectively.

    That is why the Federico Fazio article ended on an optimistic note.

    Fazio is a substantially more talented defender (his physical tangibles are immense) than Cahill and Lovren.

    If they can take their games to the next level, why not Fazio?

    Mind you, his constant mistakes and his fitness problems are flagrant red flags.


    @ Max Mayer: Jack Wilshere's development has been stalled by injuries and he looks like an early-bloomer.

    Given Aaron Ramsey's rise, Wilshere can turn it around.


    @ bhavik merchant: Chelsea should insert an option in the loan for AC Milan to buy out Fernando Torres.

    — Good views, bhavik.

    — Early signs are very promising for Munir El Haddadi. Need to see more before I can project his future.


    @ Ben Dewison: I know what you are talking about. I use to play football manager as a teenager.

    So you have never tried fantasy Premier League? You should give it a shot. You'd be great at the game.


    @ Rohan Ahluwalia: Louis van Gaal is trying to assemble the most top-heavy squad in Premier League-history. How does he fit all those world-class attackers? Who knows? I'm not going to doubt Van Gaal given his CV, but the transfers have been so inexplicable.


    @ Jay Jay: Manchester United need to sign a world-class centre-back. But given that Mehdi Benatia is going to Bayern Munich, United are stuck in a predicament.

  • Old Monk posted 2 days ago

    Old Monk

    Hey! I was just going through your articles, and I literally ROFL-ed when I read this. Cahil has not done badly at CFC, after all :)

  • Max Mayer posted 2 days ago

    Max Mayer

    hey allan,what do you make of jack wilsheres latest performances? where do you think he will end up?

  • bhavik merchant posted 3 days ago

    bhavik merchant

    allan do you think we should send torres and mvg on loan to milan and sign destro and ultimately get rid of torres...compared to man city we still are light up front as without costa, we are screwed. Drogba is old and Torres is useless, destro would be a perfect poacher type striker. Also MVG needs game time which I think he may get for Chelsea though he will start for Milan...about adrien rabiot: he is a promising youngster, would he start at arsenal, I think Wenger should go for it and start him over Wilshere. What do you think? What do you project Munir El Haddadi's potential?

  • Ben Dewison posted 4 days ago

    Ben Dewison

    I probably sound quite stupid right now, but there's a high chance I'll never be able to get a screenshot or access my save again as my hard drive's faulty.

  • Ben Dewison posted 5 days ago

    Ben Dewison


    Once you stop being obsessed in a game, it becomes a burden, like when you haven't played FM for a few days. When you start playing and winning matches, you can't get off. I'd prefer FM over FPL as it's more realistic and comprehensive, but I agree with the decision not to play both.


    I'm currently at 2025, and the 2nd most successful English manager in history after Bob Paisley. I'll try to screenshot later if you don't believe me.

    I started with West Brom, got them in the champions League in my second season before winning them the Euro Cup (Europa League equivalent) and consequently the Euro Super Cup after beating Real Madrid 4-1. I joined Valencia in December 2017 and stayed until January 2020, winning the Spanish Super Cup and Spanish Cup at least once, along with losing to PSG in the Champions Cup final, 3-2 after extra time.

    I then went to Arsenal, my current club as of July 2025, when they were seventh, and got them into Champions League places, before winning a plethora of trophies, including: 4 consecutive PL titles (2022-), 1 Champions Cup (2025) and I think 4 League Cups, 3 FA Cups and 2 Community Shields. My only sacking came in a brief spell as Italy manager between 2022 and 2024, while I was Arsenal manager, as I was expected to reach the final yet lost on sudden death penalties in the semis. We were the home nation, but it's unfair that such fine margins end up in your dismissal. My only remaining dreams are to keep winning and eventually get the England job.

    I've used many systems in the past, but now almost always stick with a 4-2-3-1. I always demand high pressing and control of the game, along with lethal breakaways when the opposition get outnumbered as a result of our quick passing. I play: a sweeper keeper, a stopper-sweeper combo in central defence, the two full-backs on support and attack depending on the opposition's weaker side. In deeper midfield a deep-lying playmaker and box-to-box player. In attack two wingers, on support and attack depending on the opposition's weaker side, an advanced playmaker and a false nine.

    It's fine to play any reasonable formation, like a 3-5-2 in your incidence, as long as you have the right balance. Unless both your wing-backs are on attack, there's no clear outlet to link play between the lines, and therefore productive attack might be difficult to start. You have three centre backs to defend, I would't feel the need to a defensive midfielder. However, ball-winning midfielder have a distinctly different role as they can win it high up and thrive if they have close enough creative outlets to distribute to. In defence, I would make one of the wide centre backs a ball-playing defender and the wing-back alongside attacking depending on the opposition's weaker side. In midfield have a plain central midfielder who passes quickly along with box-to-box and advanced playmaker, although I may prefer to tweak it to a 3-4-1-2. The strikers would be a trequartista and false nine, the former finding the space from deeper to interchange with the false nine, or merely find space in more advanced areas in the opposition's channels or even break their offside trap. I almost always opt to give players more flexible roles when possible.

    Every player's been inconsistent sometime in his career, but I think Di Maria's a great signing, provided you still have enough to get another centre-back, wing-back and central midfielder. That would also involve a lot of deadwood leaving. He's the central or wide option, who provide the vertical running and incisiveness to open up the opposition with little help from others. He's one of the best players in the world and a match winner.

    Unfortunately, he's stylistically similar to Mata, so neither will achieve their potential if they're not the main creator. I envision a 3-4-1-2 with Di Maria behind Rooney and Van Persie. The most financially sensible decision would be trying to merely recoup the money paid for him. Competition is good but you can't have those players on exorbitant transfer fees and wages competing with sub-par players in almost every other position.I always prefer to have younger options for competition in most places, anyway,

  • Jay Jay posted 6 days ago

    Jay Jay

    @Rohan Alhuwalia A midfield diamond consisting of Carrick, Herrera, Di Maria and Mata would be great.

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