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As Bleacher Report's Transfers Correspondent, I will provide you player profiles and analysis on the latest transfers from European clubs.


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  • max dobney posted 10 hours ago

    max dobney

    Hi again Allan.
    After a few years in Simeones high press system, do you think Arda Turan could make the transition into centre midfield a la Bastian Schweinsteiger?
    Are there any hidden gems that Porto will try to pick up to replace Jackson Martinez or will they settle with Aboubakar?
    Do you see Leno leaving Leverkusen or do you think he will show loyalty as Leverkusen try to stage a Dortmund 2011 style challenge for the Bundesliga title?
    Finally, where do you think Kevin Mirallas will move this summer? Does he have the potential to become a world class winger (like he has shown in brief glimpses) or do you think his career will sizzle out like Ben Arfa's seems to be?

  • Dylan Hughes posted 11 hours ago

    Dylan  Hughes

    Thank you for your words! I'll try to keep writing, but my issue at the moment is finding readers.. I have no idea how to get publicity!

  • zaid jasim posted 1 day ago

    zaid jasim

    @AllanJiang Is it a possibility for you to collate an article specifically focusing on the Fabio Tavares's of Monaco, likely transfer to Manchester City (per DiMarzio), is he ready for that sort of jump, I've only seen him play a few games in the Champions League. But your semi-expert status regarding Ligue 1 and your access to Wyscout, will definitely prove an interesting read.

  • Jay Jay posted 2 days ago

    Jay Jay

    Alvarez has had a tumultuous career thus far, hasn't he? Do you think Milan will sign Carlos Bacca or do you think it's more smoke and mirrors? Who is better in your opinion; Fabinho or Nathaniel Clyne? Do you think Jackson Martinez is a luxury signing for Atleti?

  • Allan Jiang posted 5 days ago

    Allan Jiang

    @ Dylan Hughes: Thanks for the kind words. Sorry about the late reply, I generally try to respond to all my bulletin board comments/emails towards the end of the week.

    To provide a football analogy of my status as a writer, I'm Jack Harper.

    He plays at Real Madrid, but I'd say the large majority of the footballing world doesn't know who he is.

    I'm at a big company, but let's be frank, I'm insignificant.

    That is why I'm uncomfortable giving you advice.

    Therefore, I'll defer to Bill Simmons, per Grantland (h/t Jim Romenesko's website):

    "There's really no way to help anybody [trying to make it in the media industry]; there's no magic sentence to tell somebody. Because, really, it comes down to: are you willing to outwork everybody else? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get a chance? And if you get that chance, how hard are you going to work once you get it? And that’s it. There's no magic comment other than that. You just have to work harder than anybody else."

    — I liked your profile on Inaki Williams and he's an intriguing prospect. Flashes some great moments, but needs to be more decisive.

    — You're right about Johannes Geis, who is a top talent. Perhaps make the Squawka image bigger, so it becomes more visible.

    — Just keep writing because you want to strive to reach the 10,000 hour-rule, per Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers.


    @ Jay Jay: No. Premier League TV money has inflated the market value of footballers which leads to riskier buys.

    Ricky Alvarez had noted injury problems at Inter Milan, but Sunderland wanted to hit a home-run.

    Granted, Alvarez has been compensated well, but I feel sorry for him.

    Inter Milan insist he is a Sunderland player.

    In response, Sunderland say Alvarez failed to meet a clause in his contract which invalidates his loan being extended into a permanent deal.

    Neither club want him, so you surmise his self-worth is at an all-time low.

    Hopefully he is surrounded by family and friends who can provide a positive support network.

  • Dylan Hughes posted 7 days ago

    Dylan  Hughes

    Heya Allan! You're my favourite writer on this website - I always check to see if you have any new articles. Anyway I've recently begun my own sports blog, and I was wondering if you could give me any tips on writing techniques etc. Obviously I know you're very busy, but it would be great if you could read through my articles. The link to my blog is
    No worries if you can't, I understand you're a busy man

  • Jay Jay posted 9 days ago

    Jay Jay

    And Aleix Vidal could sneak ahead of the pecking order too when Dani Alves does leave. Thanks for the insight on Mr Bee. Kondogbia and Martinez would have been great signings for Milan. Are you surprised that Sunderland paid so much for Ricky Alvarez? Who else do you think should Inter should sign?

  • Allan Jiang posted 9 days ago

    Allan Jiang

    @ max dobney: Hi, hope you're doing well.

    — Kevin Volland needs to be better at retaining possession and has to avoid drifting out of games.

    Volland seems more lethal as a No. 9 than as a No. 11.

    — Roberto Firmino is incredibly gifted, but so was Denilson de Oliveira. If Firmino can be more clinical in front of goal and have a Cristiano Ronaldo-like desire to score, then it will be a transfer that pays dividends for Manchester United.

    Firmino can play a variety of positions and is good enough off the ball to cope in a central midfield role. But he is at his best in a free-roaming role.

    — Jan Oblak was world-class in a 0-0 draw against Real Madrid, but he was hit-and-miss. He is still adapting to La Liga and he spent a portion of the season inactive. He will come good because he is a once-in-a-generation talent.

    — It will be more playing time for Adem Ljajic assuming Roma are willing to persist with his often erratic form.

    — Yevhen Konoplyanka needs to sign with a mid-tier club that can promise him regular starts, rather than risk sitting on the bench at a top club like Roma. But you are right, he would be a good fit at the club and bolsters their squad depth.

    — AC Milan need to back up their talk with world-class signings, otherwise it is pointless. In theory, signing Geoffrey Kondogbia was great but AC Milan couldn't seal the deal.

    — No need to apologise, Max.


    @ aid jasim: Thanks for the suggestions.

    — I'm currently reviewing film of Joe Gomez via Wyscout, so he will be the focus of my next article. Hopefully he is an intriguing player for you.


    @ Jay Jay: The allure of London, West Ham United possibly paying inflated wages and perhaps management promising Pedro Obiang a chance to star in midfield might have been factors in his signing.

    Based on talent, he should be at a top club, so you're right. This is a coup for West Ham United.

    — Hard to project Martin Montoya given he is so up and down. From his perspective, he might want a clear run in the right-back spot, but he hasn't proven his worth (yet).

    — Rafinha went backwards this season because he was treated as a squad player. He developed so much quicker on loan at Celta Vigo.

    — Karim Bellarabi was exciting to watch on loan at Eintracht Braunschweig and this past season, he excelled at Bayer Leverkusen. He is better than the majority of Premier League players, who are probably being paid higher wages than Bellarabi. Provided he doesn't have a low-release clause (gives him more leverage), he is worth upwards of €21 million/£15 million plus.

    — Bee Taechaubol is a wealthy man compared to the average Joe, but he is not rich enough on paper to change AC Milan's fortunes, which was why he was questioned by Mike Ozanian at Forbes.

    What is Bee's role? He is representing a consortium with a multitude of investors.

    Evidently this group are not going to be throwing money around hence the collapse of the Geoffrey Kondogbia deal.

    It is ambiguous, a sleight of hand and AC Milan are venturing into the unknown.

  • max dobney posted 14 days ago

    max dobney

    What do you think about Kevin Volland? Could he be Germanys answer to the striker problem they had or is he another Podolski who can play striker when needed but is better as a winger? Also, what do you think about the Firmino to Man Utd links? If he went United do you think he could adapt to play in the 3 man midfield? How did Jan Oblak do last season? Who do you think Roma should sign to replace the seemingly outgoing Gervinho? Konoplyanka seems like a good fit for me. Finally, following some ambitious transfer dealings including Jackson Martinez and Kondogbia, could AC Milan challenge for the Serie A title next year?
    Sorry for so many questions

  • zaid jasim posted 14 days ago

    zaid jasim

    Seeming as your recent articles have been in accordance with the U-21 Euros, could you perhaps write about some intriguing players, such as Hojbjerg, Geis or Bernardo Silva? Keep up the fresh vocabulary.