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I was a Featured Columnist for Tennessee Volunteers football until the "real world" invaded. I still love my alma mater more than life itself and write when I can about the Vols.

You'll also see pieces on fantasy sports and the NBA, a league I've become more and more interested in since college. I grow tired of 24/7/365 coverage of the NFL, which I view as too accessible to the Average Joe and slightly pretentious, e.g., no analyst ever calls it the "NFL"...always "National Football League". Listen for it.

Fierce loyalty to my team, its players, its coaches, its city, and above all its fans is what I'm all about. Nothing grinds my gears like a bandwagon fan, so if that's your style, you've been warned.

Go Vols, Grizzlies, Titans, Braves, and Predators.

Be loyal to your team, and defend it against all enemies.

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  • REMINGTON posted 487 days ago



  • Charles Summers posted 607 days ago

    Charles Summers

    Hello. Can you write something about Hatcher de-committing from from USC. I also read something about recruits leaving because they are going to 3-4 and the fact that Monte is not there anymore.

  • Shane Levan posted 620 days ago

    Shane Levan

    You're such a bad writer. I guess that's why you write for Bleacher Report.

  • Ben Huffstetler posted 634 days ago

    Ben Huffstetler

    Hey Daniel, would you mind writing about the Vols 2013 offensive depth chart. Thanks.

  • Josh Matt posted 674 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Vann Shortt posted 743 days ago

    Vann Shortt

    Here is your weekly update Daniel on you pre-season predictions from Vann...

    v. Georgia St
    DH - 41-17
    Actual - 51-13

    Overall assessment of prediction, again good pre-season guess. I thought you probably under estimated thinking UT would call a very conservative game and play a lot of people.
    UT played 7 new players and had 3rd and 4th team members in for a lot of the 4th quarter.
    UT played more wide open than I think you pre-dicted. Good thing is UT did not deviate their game plan to a lesser opponent to get them even stronger at what they are good at executing.
    UT gained valuable reps and gave the coaches many things to work on before UF.
    UF displayed a lot of emotion to come from behind to beat TAMU, sometimes that is hard to keep that going. I give the overall edge to UT based on emotion, since they did not waste any during their game...

  • Vann Shortt posted 746 days ago

    Vann Shortt

    Hey Daniel,
    New friend here, hope you are doing well in you MBA endeavors.
    Also, for fun I am tracking your pre-season predictions.
    I am a numbers guy and you gave me numbers, it is what I do...
    So far here is what I have:

    v. NC State
    DH - 27-20
    Actual- 35-21

    Overall assessment of prediction, pretty darn good considering no one had played a down yet. Very impressive young man. Let's see how the other 11 go.


  • Joseph Kelley posted 841 days ago

    Joseph Kelley

    You should take a look at Reese Phillips, senior QB at Signal Mountain High School in Chattanooga. He just received an offer from Randy Sanders at Kentucky if that says anything. He is one in-state prospect that Tennessee shouldn't let get away. IMO

  • E G posted 979 days ago

    E G

    Hey could you do an updated ranking of NBA starting 5's?

  • John Andyson posted 982 days ago

    John Andyson

    I would just like to point out that you are a featured columnist and you currently have 16 fans.

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