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I started watching WWE back in 2005 around the time of Wrestlemania 21. I only used to watch Smackdown as WWE Raw was on too late, I live in England so that was the reason for why I coudn't watch RAW. I used to hide watching wrestling from my family as it was seen as fake. From 2005 to late 2007 I used to watch it Smackdown at any time I could on TV but then in 2008 I started watching WWE online. This allowed me to watch RAW as well as Smackdown and then I started to learn about the backstage, how it was fake and now I watch both shows every week.
I am also a Manchester United fan. Ironically, I started watching football just after the Euro 2004 and I supported Man UTD in 2005. I have been a big United fan since then and I don't look like I will stop.

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