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Copy editor for Bleacher Report and diehard Anaheim Ducks fan. Currently residing in the unbelievably overpopulated southern region of California.

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  • Brad Jones posted 4 days ago

    Brad Jones

    Cheers for the edits today, Ben.

  • Craig Amos posted 44 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks for the edit.

  • Bob Fox posted 46 days ago

    Bob Fox

    Thanks for all the help and feedback on my piece today, Ben. I was hoping you might be the one who edited this story!

  • Craig Amos posted 51 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks, Ben.

  • Chris Roling posted 57 days ago

    Chris  Roling

    Thanks for all the edits sir.

  • Scott Polacek posted 60 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits, Ben. Always appreciated.

  • Isaac Smith posted 65 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    Hi Ben, thanks for the edits... Always a pleasure. I saw I spelled "distracting" instead of distraction, so if you get to that before me then great, otherwise have a nice night!

  • Scott Polacek posted 65 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits today, Ben.

  • Scott Polacek posted 66 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Always appreciate the feedback, Ben.

  • Tom Urtz Jr. posted 68 days ago

    Tom Urtz Jr.

    Thanks for the edits. I went back and realized what happened with his age and the streak. I was looking at a cached copy of a site to get some background. I appreciate the help.