Dylan Ashcraft

Dylan Ashcraft


I'm a freshman Communications Major at the University of Minnesota Duluth, with the ambition to potentially work for an NFL team or TV sports program someday. Follow me on twitter.com/#!/DylanJohn34

I have lived in Minnesota my whole life, but for some reason unknown to the world or my family, I have always been a Die-Hard Miami Dolphins Fan. Many would call me borderline obsessed, and I would agree with them. I like constructive dialog with others about players, teams, etc, so feel free to comment and message me at your convenience. I enjoy hearing others' opinions and thoughts about my own thoughts. After the NFL, my sports knowledge takes a plunge, but I would have to say I am a fan of the Minnesota Twins, UMD Bulldogs (Football and Hockey), and any competitive tennis. I also watch some basketball, but really only during March Madness.

I hope you enjoy my posts! If you don't, I'm sure I'll hear about it through your comments.

Go fins! Go Dogs!

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