Lance Smith

Lance Smith


I'm a senior in high school who loves basketball. Especially the NBA. That's how I got here.

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  • Mike Moraitis posted 1989 days ago

    Mike Moraitis

    I think they can be a top four team even without D12. Humph and Lopez are solid just need Brook to up his rebound total to where it used to be or higher and/or sign a backup defensive minded big.

    Besides that, if you have a bench with Sundiata Gaines running the point alongside MarShon Brooks, that is great depth in itself. This team is going to have some real offensive pop next season.

  • Mike Moraitis posted 1989 days ago

    Mike Moraitis

    Nice catch, Lance! Thanks for the heads up. After writing so many articles in a day, my brain gets fried and I make dumb mistakes like that one.

  • Lance Smith posted 2100 days ago

    Lance Smith

    Thank you very much. That means more to me than you would imagine.

  • John Hunt posted 2100 days ago

    John Hunt

    Lance: After looking more closely at your Profile, I am awed by your lucidity, literacy and verbal intelligence. It seems like those are qualities which have become more and more rare among young people in today's digital world. There is little doubt that you have a future as a writer, whether that turns out to be in sports journalism or something else. And your apparent love for non-human animals enhances your stature in my eyes. Regards, John

  • Lance Smith posted 2108 days ago

    Lance Smith

    Hey Nic.

  • nic cassata posted 2109 days ago

    nic cassata

    Hi lance. 420

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2198 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Lance,

    For another take on the Chris Paul debacle, check out the article I wrote and let me know what you think. It's a bit controversial compared to just about everyone else, but I would love to hear your opinion on it.

  • Eitan Katz posted 2348 days ago

    Eitan Katz

    Hey man, I'm happy to see that you turned things around! Great article on ridiculed players! Keep in touch dude, post your new articles on my page so I can see how it's going.