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  • Ian Morris posted 1297 days ago

    Ian Morris

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    The buying of dog has been ingrained in the culture of American families for as long as I could remember. Though some of you might disagree, but I think many would concur that the absence of a pet at home, whether it's a dog or a cat, would leave a gap in the family. But pet hairs could be very disturbing to the health being, particularly if it is consumed for an extended amount of time. That is not all. The problem is aggravated should you be like me, have lower threshold to dust and particles.

    If you are suffering from dust allergy and breathing most of the dog hairs, the results could be disastrous. At the very least that's what I experienced myself. I was unaware once and I did not care much in regards to the quality of air at home until it took a toll on my health. In perspective, I am now a changed man with a number of my good friends labeling me 'care nut' often. I do not know whether to laugh or to use and convince them. All things considered, I was in their shoes before and if perhaps not for your cost it'd on my health, I'd be thinking the same way as them.

    To think about it seriously, I can't blame them for discussing me being a nut and here is why. I started to become passionate about surviving in clear air environment and the quality of air that I breathe in and this was started about last year when I'd breathing trouble which got me thinking that I was on the verge of death. That was when I turned to using air cleaner. I was determined to obtain the best air cleaner but after wanting to educate myself about them matter, I found it only too frustrating. I decided the easiest way would be trial and error.

    Since that time, I had hopped from one air purifier producer to the next. Within the last year alone, I bought few air cleaners and tried them in the home. What I have found is that certain models are designed to work good under certain conditions and not others. I'm often asked the question, 'Just what exactly is the better air cleaner'? Based on my knowledge, best is contextual and you have to determine what your main concerns are before you can say which air cleanser is best.

    As you can see, I am no air purifier pro but I can proudly say that I am a heavyweight air purifier individual. But since I've a love for writing, I believed if I set my experiences to words, more individuals would benefit. I hope that my sharing will help people who have been in dire needs of the good air purifier will manage to find one, albeit minus all of the pain that I'd experienced previously.