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I am a 23 Year old man who recently ended a successful career in the Marine Corps. Being away from home I have learned to do my research without the convenience of a hometown news paper that would primarily cover my favorite team. I don't think of myself as a crowd follower rooting for the team superstar and him only. I am a fan of football and I recognize great players. For example, I hate the New England Patriots. I hate Billichik's arrogance and attitude, but I hold his aggressive style and strategy in the highest respect. Having said that, I am a Peyton Manning fan. Not just because he is the leader of my favorite team, the Indianapolis Colts, but because he is one of the best QBs in NFL history. His ability to read a defense like a book and his dedication to the game amazes me. I would bet that he is the hardest working player in the league. His priority is making himself a better football player for the benefit of his team. Besides his frequent appearances in numerous advertisements, you never here about him in the media for non-football related stories. He has a wife that he keeps out of the spotlight. He is known for playing football not for making headlines as a gang lord in the streets of Philly. I am from Indianapolis born and raised, and I am proud to say that I LOVE COLTS FOOTBALL!

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