Zachary Bryant

Zachary Bryant


I grew up in a small town in Southwest Virginia. I've been a Redskins fan for a long time, ever since I got into football. I always thought I could be the type of person, if I wanted to be, to not have a team, but just be an NFL fan. I love to discuss football (with a couple of other sports in the mix) I may not know absolutely everything about it, but being only 18 I hope to continue learning all there is to know. I try to be objective along with reasonable during my posts. I'm happy to discuss my opinion and have a friendly debate with those who wish the same. My main reason for being on this site now is to get myself ready to be a broadcaster for Ferrum College. Go Ferrum Panthers!

My Teams:
NFL - Washington Redskins
NBA - Boston Celtics (I don't watch NBA much though, too much fouling for my taste)
NCAA - University of North Carolina (UNC) and University of Virginia (UVA) just for my shear hate of Virginia Tech
MLB - Atlanta Braves

I can thank my aunt for the teams I love and cherish today. She is the whole reason I am a sports fan and I thank her every day for the joy she has brought me.

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  • Shae Cronin posted 1968 days ago

    Shae Cronin

    Brandon Banks column we talked about

  • Raheem Harris posted 2089 days ago

    Raheem Harris

    No prob brah

  • Shae Cronin posted 2376 days ago

    Shae Cronin

    Thanks for the comments, Zachary.

    I appreciate the support.

    Just out of curiosity, how old are you?

    Thanks again, man!