Robert  Self

Robert Self


I am a trail running guide in the mountains of Japan, who also coaches ultra runners. I compete in trail races around the world.

Grew up in the SF Bay Area, sitting on wooden seats at Kezar Stadium and freezing at Candlestick. Conflicted youth, since my Grandparents were A's fans, so I grew up watching the great A's teams of the 70's- without giving up even an atom of my endless love for the Giants. Now living abroad in Tokyo Japan, but good or bad days are often determined by Giant's scores. Better than a horoscope over the years!

Always considered the suffering a mere form of waiting. 2002? That hurt, but it was just a speed bump. Ridiculously weak teams in the 70's? Mattered not! Character building. It helps to have a degree in history- I take the long view. Knew that the Giants would win the World Series sooner or later and still haven't come down since November 2010!

On to fixing the 49ers!

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