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Hello my name is Ryan Carvalho, I am an avid fan of basketball, MMA, and Wrestling. Here on bleacher report my biggest wish is to write for bleacher report and have the same opportunities as some other writers, as i would like to write for the wrestling column as i feel its a much more loyal fan base.

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  • Joe Burgett posted 1205 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    You're welcome man! Let me know if I can help with anything else

  • Joe Burgett posted 1207 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    Hey Ryan, got your message. I'd love to do a joint article, but there is a few issues involved with it. #1, a current writer cannot calob with someone unapproved for the website unless they are a notable journalist or something. The article will just be deleted. #2, my writing privileges were taken away due to getting an interview. I know, I thought it was weird why that they were taken away for such a stupid thing, but I digress. I am very sorry. Wouldn't mind working with you anywhere else or helping you out in any way you need

  • RiZE posted 1212 days ago


    Very interesting and pretty good for a first timer. I recommend downloading Microsoft Word for little mistakes that tend to occur my friend.

  • RiZE posted 1213 days ago



  • RiZE posted 1214 days ago


    Sure dude

  • Donald Wood posted 1258 days ago

    Donald Wood

    Hey bud, honestly I don't need 4000 views. Read my previous articles and put the pieces together. Have a great day.