Peter Carroll

Peter Carroll


I've been patrolling the badlands of Journalism for a year now, worked for a few different papers, a few magazines, before I realized the lack of employment in Ireland is terrifying.

This is an archive for reports on "World Football" and "MMA", and it would probably be my ideal job if there was decent money involved, but I keep doing this while I'm keeping other plates in the air that pay for stuff.

I dislike people who get into arguments about these articles, not a fan of people being pretentious and trying to attack other people's intelligence. It makes them look ignorant, and remember physical dominance is always cooler-who would you rather be, Matilda or He-man? There's only one winner boys and he doesn't get satisfaction out of moving pencils with his brain.

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  • Peter Daly posted 2260 days ago

    Peter Daly

    Sorry I just saw your comment now. Your man with the Ronaldo debate was hilarious. Such a moron. I don't even think he actually followed football he just loved Ronaldo or rather CR7 the marketing ploy. He's a posterboy for Nikes advertising campaign. Brainwashed. Good article BTW. Nice to see something besides the mundane transfer lists that get published day after day