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  • Xryzoa Tempest posted 1354 days ago

    Xryzoa Tempest

    Unfortunately I must decline your kind invite to eradicating people from Bleacher Report.
    Why? Simply this is a forum for United fans, everyone is entilted to their opinion, even if I disagree with them.

    Though I may not sing from the same hymn sheet as those people you wish to remove, I find their comments usually engaging, as well as thought provoking.

    Good luck on your endeavors.
    As fruitless as they may be.

  • Nemanja Vidic posted 1357 days ago

    Nemanja Vidic

    Dear Mr Backs,

    Thank you for your offer of being part of your "alliance". Unfortunately I must turn down the offer to exterminate these "idiots" as I too am an "idiot" like them. Mr Backs I will fully respect your mission to exterminate these "idiots", I look forward to being "exterminated".



  • Michael Carrick posted 1364 days ago

    Michael  Carrick

    Dude just calm down. You are talking about eliminating some intelligent people. And if you are new here, you will soon realize that there are not many. you should really give this Mission of yours a second thought. :p

  • Abz posted 1365 days ago


    Yeah, I'm one of those idiots too.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1366 days ago

    Jihoon Nam


  • mazoomy posted 1366 days ago


    Dear, Mr. Steve Backs,

    How I wish I was you. I lack the courage to start a crusade such as this. Obviously you possess a strength of character, charisma and mental fortitude I could only dream of.

    Since you are something of a giant to the ant I am, would you give me your pity and tell me why I'm an idiot? Something I'm doing has obviously attracted your attention, oh great one, and it is my only desire to be imparted with a bit of the light of your knowledge so that one day I may drag myself out of the darkness I live in.

    My hope is simply to improve myself, for I lose sleep over the prospect of being chased out of B/R by the crusade you've started. I will admit at first I didn't... no couldn't believe that I was to be the recipient of your ire and convinced myself that this was simply a joke you'd decided to play on me, however the overwhelming support your crusade has received quickly opened my eyes to the cold truth of the situation. I am simply not wanted at B/R.

    Thank you in advance for you assistance, it will surely help me to reform myself to your standards, Mr. Steve Backs.

    An alleged idiot

  • Noah White posted 1366 days ago

    Noah White

    Yeah man let's do it! I can't stand scum who write well-thought responses to promote the exchange of ideas. Sometimes their almost elitist attitude is just too pompous and without merit.

    THE WORST bit about them is their tendency to create fake accounts and just troll people's website with the same message. I mean nobody wants to hear that crap or participate in a crusade against other members like they do, they really destroy our community!

  • Abz posted 1367 days ago