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  • NK Denton posted 498 days ago

    NK Denton

    Thanks for the note - focused almost totally in the thermo and fluids area of ME at Auburn to concentrate on power plant design. Grew up in Shoals area in North Ala. Transferred to AU in fall 81 from UNA. Did co-op for a couple of years with Georgia Power in Macon. Started co-op as a junior & committed for 6 quarters, thus the later than planned graduation. Turned out not going to work for GPCo and instead moved to Bham after graduation while my wife got her law degree at Cumberland. We lived there and I practiced consulting engineering until 92 when I went to work for software company in HSV. Been here ever since. Now a VP doing global business development oriented toward the power industry. Three sons - two out of college now, youngest a sophomore in Industrial Design at AU, and played tuba in the AUMB for the past 2 seasons. Like you, been really blessed and thankful for my education and the experiences I gained from AU. The decade of the 80's was the best time for AU football, IMHO, although I am really looking forward to see how Gus works out.

  • Thomas Hardy posted 525 days ago

    Thomas  Hardy

    Someone has also made a fake page for Tim Trollinger. The picture is blurry because who ever did it made a copy of it from the small version of yours making the resolution horrible.

  • Thomas Hardy posted 526 days ago

    Thomas  Hardy

    Here's the link to the fake page http://bleacherreport.com/users/2196991-ley-white.
    I'm pretty sure it Midnight, but I don't truly know.

  • Thomas Hardy posted 527 days ago

    Thomas  Hardy

    Hey, I was going around B/R and noticed you have some posing as you, just thought you would like to know.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 717 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Right now, Auburn is, by a good margin, the worst fundamental football program in the SEC. They are actually much worst than Kentucky.

  • Rick Bradberry posted 732 days ago

    Rick Bradberry

    I am a better cook than my wife so I do like spending time in the kitchen. My wife is cfo for a major Birmingham firm and I am retired so I don't mind doing a little house work now and then. It all helps with her attitude toward my golf outings as she does not play. Good luck to you and your tigers during the coming season. Being married to a Auburn Alum and having a couple of Auburn daughters compells me to pull for Auburn with the exception of the Iron Bowl. However, I take great joy in debating with my cross state rivals during the off season and an occasional dig at the tigers is also fun. I expect the same coming from you guys. RTR... War Eagle.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 732 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Yes, there is a cell phone in most pockets with the capability of recording and posting every misstep to the internet for the nation to see. There was a time when an arrest for public intoxication in Auburn led to a fine and the paperwork being filed in the trash can shortly afterward.

    Times have changed, and not always for the better.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 733 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    I think Chizik will certainly get their attention, but it does not help the let down for their teammates. Those guys were counting on these irresponsible young men to contribute.

    That being said, I think Dismukes will work his way back after drinking gallons of liquid and spilling it all out around the athletic facilities. This assuming it was only alcohol.

    Auburn allows one mistake for alcohol or pot, but there is a no tolerance policy beyond that.

  • Rick Bradberry posted 733 days ago

    Rick Bradberry

    Don't know exactly what you mean but my handicap is 12. Just an average golfer but love the game. I am an alabama Alum class of 68. I have two daughters that are Auburn grads because their mother is also an Auburn grad. I also have two daughters that attended Alabama, one finished the other did not. I played football for the bear and would not trade the memories for anything. I do not post a picture of myself and my screen name is an alias for reasons that I would rather not discuss. War Eagle to you and Roll Tide

  • Rick Bradberry posted 745 days ago

    Rick Bradberry

    You asked me to look at your picture to see a real man. I really don't see much. I wanted to read your bio but you don't have one. Tell us a little about your background Chesley. Be happy to compare mine with yours.