Thomas is a featured columnist for Bleacher Report primarily covering Tottenham Hotspur and the English Premier League, as well as a contributor on other aspects of world football, road cycling and Alpine skiing.

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  • Mark Johnson posted 3 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    Tom, I'd like to see an Article Devoted to Daniel Levy. While the consensus is that he hurts more than he has helped. I think exactly the opposite. If you look at the club record in the many years before his arrival, and then since his arrival, his record stands far above. Your thoughts?

  • Glen Danquah posted 5 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    Sure thing, Thomas!

  • David Teo posted 10 days ago

    David Teo

    Harry Kane to Manchester United ?

  • Glen Danquah posted 12 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    No prob, Thomas. Nice one!

  • Cal Gildart posted 13 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    Your point about Spurs losing their impetus once Kane and Mason went off seems to be one that's being said elsewhere too. It's interesting Lamela was brought on for Kane—was that Pochettino trying to make a point about the need for attacking reinforcements or genuinely because there were no other options? I know you've just picked up that guy from Lyon, but is he the type of player who can come in and do what Kane does leading the line?

  • Cal Gildart posted 14 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    You're welcome. Was it a case of the players thinking the points had already been won? I haven't had chance to watch extended highlights or anything, but I was surprised to see the 2-0 lead you had with less than 20 minutes to go had gone by full-time.

  • Cal Gildart posted 28 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    Ha! I never thought I'd see the day when "quality *players* in United's midfield" would ever be used again. Nice one.

  • Glen Danquah posted 33 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    No problem at all, Thomas. Great work!

  • Cal Gildart posted 34 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    You're welcome, Thomas. Hopefully his sharpness won't return until after August 8... :)

  • Glen Danquah posted 35 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    It's always a pleasure, Thomas!