Thomas is a featured columnist for Bleacher Report primarily covering Tottenham Hotspur and the English Premier League, as well as a contributor on other aspects of world football, road cycling and Alpine skiing.

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  • Glen Danquah posted 2 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    Always a pleasure, Thomas. Nice work.

  • Glen Danquah posted 7 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    No worries, mate. Same to you!

  • Glen Danquah posted 29 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    Ahh, right. Sorry, think I just made the assumption because you're a Spurs fan, hah.

    Yes, I'm counting down the days to kickoff—it's gonna be a manic season!

  • Glen Danquah posted 31 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    No problem, Thomas. And yeah, good to have some cooler conditions now after last week's heatwave (although I don't actually know if you're based in London...).
    Also eagerly awaiting the start of the new season, of course!

  • Leo Collis posted 33 days ago

    Leo Collis

    Hi, Thomas. Thanks for getting back to me on the advice I left in feedback. It's really great that you do always check what is written in the feedback box, as it allows me to try to give some guidance that I know you'll read and consider for adding/changing in your work—especially with issues that are perhaps not so clear cut like this one. I'd say that "both seasons were ultimately ruined for Bale by injury" doesn't necessarily cover his absence from the cup final, especially since you noted he played in an earlier round. That means he definitely did play some games during the season, despite some injury trouble, and without a specific time of absence noted for those injuries, it is conceivable he could have been fit for that particular game. There's certainly no harm in making it a little clearer. And fair enough on not including appearance figures, it was definitely a suggestion rather than a necessity. Thanks again!

  • Leo Collis posted 34 days ago

    Leo Collis

    You're most welcome, Thomas. Any time!

  • Ian Rodgers posted 38 days ago

    Ian Rodgers

    No worries, Thomas. All good with me, thanks - just looking forward to the season starting and a comfortable three points on the opening day ;-)

  • Cal Gildart posted 54 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    That's a bloody good point. I'm still baffled the players decided to rebel against the last interesting appointment, Capello, *at* the World Cup after how good they looked under him in the qualifying campaign. Not only that, the fact he walked out because Terry was stripped of the captaincy despite the Chelsea man being responsible for the insurrection in South Africa confuses me further. A Gareth Southgate-Alan Shearer tandem it is...

  • Cal Gildart posted 58 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    As always, you're more than welcome. As for the fans in discussion, I've never known a more fickle set than those of that particular club—best highlighted by the "we could win the league you know chatter" followed by "sack the manager" before August was out last season.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 59 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Thomas!