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For the most part, you'll see my replying to things I find insightful or insipid, but occasionally I may find myself an erstwhile writer of stuff. Consider that fair warning.

I've been a lifelong sufferer of all things sports related in Michigan :the 0-16 Lions season, the Tigers going 43-119, Rich Rod attempting to raise us all up, the Motor City Kitties having a grand total of one playoff victory in the Super Bowl era, the Pistons drafting Darko instead of Carmelo (although that one may be a balance in karma for us getting Barry Sanders while Green Bay got MSU's Tony Mandarich), U of M hoops' Fab Five-gate, and of course the list goes on and on.

As such, I can honestly say that I respect and feel your pain, Philly, Cleveland, Seattle, et al, so while my articles will more than likely tend to focus on Michigan sports, I feel comfortable looking at the broader view of sports in our nation. Particularly when the view kinda sucks from where you're looking.

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