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  • Kurt Scott posted 1718 days ago

    Kurt Scott

    Hi Craig,

    I appreciate the read and have enjoyed your writing as well. But I'd ask that you not post multiple links to your own articles in the comment sections of mine.



  • Michael Huard posted 1722 days ago

    Michael Huard

    Hey Craig. The block quote is in the format bar as the quotation mark button. Be sure to not use quotation marks for those unless the quote includes something so-and-so said, "etc."

  • Jared Newman posted 1725 days ago

    Jared Newman

    Sure thing! It'll be interesting to see how Augustin plays for the Pacers

  • Amanda Pickett posted 1729 days ago

    Amanda Pickett

    Thanks Craig!

  • Amal Abbass posted 1730 days ago

    Amal Abbass

    Thanks Craig!

  • Dallas Mavericks Examiner posted 1730 days ago

    Dallas Mavericks  Examiner

    — thanks Ben! —

  • Ben Millikan posted 1732 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    Hi Craig, em-dashes on Mac is: Shift + alt + hyphen key = (—). As far as off-the-wall topics, the best advice I can give is to continue to provide really interesting and unique content. That may sound obvious, but the great thing about B/R is that it gives you a platform to build an audience. It's important that you include proper tags, sure, but if you continue to put out great articles, the page views should come. Twitter, Facebook, etc. also help.

  • Lynn McEachern posted 1735 days ago

    Lynn McEachern

    Right back atcha! :D

  • Allan Lim posted 1738 days ago

    Allan Lim

    No problem.

  • Amal Abbass posted 1739 days ago

    Amal Abbass

    Sure thing, Craig!