voetbal 12

voetbal 12


I have been a football scout for 3 football league teams in England, and the facilitator of an academy in Rotterdam. I've written numerous articles on sports (mostly football) ranging from editorals to my research on the scientfic principles of fitness and conditioning, biomechanics, and tactical approaches to the beautiful game.

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  • Joe C posted 1697 days ago

    Joe C

    once again you divert the conversation from sports to have some form of a rebuttal. grow a pair and read a book before you get in an argument you cant win.

  • Joe C posted 1723 days ago

    Joe C

    id ask you if u got kicked in the head with a soccer ball, but that wouldnt cause any brain trauma. what is it you dont understand? is it that soccer is a faggy sport with a faggy fanbase in the faggiest part of the world, EUROPE? and that its idiotic fans are second to only those of nascar? you have no argument. youre giving me a pile of crap (soccer) and calling it gold (a REAL sport).

  • Joe C posted 1737 days ago

    Joe C

    so in other words, you're reassuring my argument by distracting the argument from its core topic to petty name calling?
    in other words, you have no argument so you started calling me names.

  • Joe C posted 1739 days ago

    Joe C

    so what youre saying is its bigger than the rest of the soccer pansies collective 2 millimeters? yeah. i think the women really dig the 3mm peter. the fact that you had to use something non-sports related as your counterargument just proves my argument. soccer is a deadbeat no brainer sport, which is why you euros love it.

  • Ron Furlong posted 2463 days ago

    Ron  Furlong

    Everton are the Toffees and not the Blues? Are you serious?

    They are both. Look up the history of the club........