I was a DJ for 27 years turned National talk show producer now music producer locally in Eugene Oregon.

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  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1305 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    QUACK ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What on god's green spinning rock have you been up to? Looking forward to another outstanding season of Oregon Football?!!!

  • Austin Wilson posted 1670 days ago

    Austin Wilson

    Hello fellow Duck fan.

  • Alaska c130polardrop posted 1678 days ago

    Alaska c130polardrop

    Hahahahaha!! Good one! Had a feeling youd be a good one to talk to about this. lol

  • Alaska c130polardrop posted 1679 days ago

    Alaska c130polardrop

    Here. You don't have to "come across it", It has now "come across" you! Hahahaha!!


  • Alaska c130polardrop posted 1679 days ago

    Alaska c130polardrop

    Hey someone with your background should almost feel obligated to post on an article like this one... "Perfect Entrance Music for CFB's Top Coaches:" Get your butt on there and voice your opinion. lol!!

  • Alaska c130polardrop posted 1692 days ago

    Alaska c130polardrop

    Spring Game today my Duck brother!!! And thanks to you, I'll be able to watch. Once again, a tremendous thank you for hooking me up. Go Ducks!!!

  • Alaska C130airdrop posted 1848 days ago

    Alaska C130airdrop

    Hahahaha!! He's just extremely pissed with me because instead of putting up with his comments, I've put him in his place a number of times, so now, he feels it necessary to try take jabs at me every time I post something.

    Yes, I still have the info, and I still thank you for it everyday brother. I just don't like the ABC games. Ugh!! That last one against Stanford, I had to watch on an ABC live link that was piss poor quality and kept freezing up on every other play. lol!! I know its ridiculous but I don't ever have cable service. I just use my high speed and wifi to watch all the games online. That said, your help was truly a life saver for me this year, and I cant thank you enough. At any rate, let's take care of business this weekend in the Civil War, because I have a weird feeling that not only is Notre Dame going to finally run out of Irish luck, but the Gators are not going to fair to well against the noles this weekend. Maybe a senseless thought, but certainly not a huge stretch by any means. Take Care for now brother.

  • Alaska C130airdrop posted 1850 days ago

    Alaska C130airdrop

    I actually have this Ryan P. character stocking me on BR. Can you believe that? LMAO!! He's going along all the slides and bashing me every time I post something. Good lord.

  • Alaska C130airdrop posted 1873 days ago

    Alaska C130airdrop

    Whoops. About 3 messages I intended to send to you. Just noticed I accidentally posted them on my own profile page. LMAO!!! Guess I'm not such a genius.

    Anyway, Thank You so very much for today. Awesome game, and a game I wouldnt have been able to watch without you. You made my weekend. And it means alot because I'm currently living in a small town in New Jersey. My house is located on a river, surrounded by trees in a flood zone. My week this week is going to be truly screwed up, but thanks to Quack Attack I was able to at least have a great weekend before hand.

    Keep in touch my brother. And again, I can't thank you enough. Straight to the top of my hero list!!!

    Win The Day Quack Attack!!

  • Alaska C130airdrop posted 1876 days ago

    Alaska C130airdrop

    I'm just glad I was finally able to get through to you. You didnt have to do what you did, but you did, and I was so frustrated not being able to thank you and let you know to go ahead and delete it. Now I'm just dumdfounded as to why they gave me the hook. Have I been profane? Yes, I'll admit to getting into some heated battles with folks, but I've seen far worse language used in other contributors comments, and seen many contributors criticizing the site, which I did not do. Oh well... not going to puzzle over this one for too long. Just work on my new account profile, and move forward I guess. Just like Kenjon Barner when they stripped him of his touchdown, reamin expressionless on the face, fasten the straps on the chin and just head back out onto the field. :)