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My name is Chris Carey I live in Bonifay,FL its about 10 miles south of the Alabama line and about 35 miles north of one of the biggest Spring Break places in the world Panama City Beach,FL. I am 29yrs old graduated class of 2001 I played every major fast paced sport growing up as a kid on up till I graduated in 2001. I have won every award possible to the positions I played and started. I started playing sports in the beginning of the 2nd grade the first sport I played was soccer my team went underdefeated and won state for our age group. I went on to win rookie of the year, MVP,and most goals scored in the leagued. I played soccer every year until the end of 10th grade, but I had to juggle soccer and football at the same time because both started the same day. I AM NOT DONE WITH MY BIO/ I WILL FINISH IT LATER TODAY OR TONIGHT TO BE CONTINUED

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