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  • Real Hornets Fan posted 14 days ago

    Real Hornets Fan

    Dude your Kansas City Royals are about to win the AL Central!! Im rooting for them man

  • daniel magnuson posted 55 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    screw you and ur missouri tigers remember last time the huskers and tigers played haha ya we kicked ur ass and had gabbert running for his life with his douchebag hair.

  • Bob Marley posted 59 days ago

    Bob  Marley

    Why would I give a shit about England

  • Michael Bradley posted 61 days ago

    Michael  Bradley

    Are you still mad about england losing?

  • Michael Bradley posted 66 days ago

    Michael  Bradley

    Who do you want to win the World Cup?

  • Michael Bradley posted 67 days ago

    Michael  Bradley

    Where are you from? lol

  • Harshit Vatsyayan posted 71 days ago

    Harshit  Vatsyayan

    Thanks, mate. Really appreciate your taking out time to post on my wall.

  • Spurs fan since June 12 2014 posted 80 days ago

    Spurs fan since June 12 2014

    haha u must be a lonely middle school kid for all the shit you talk on here.

  • Spurs fan since June 12 2014 posted 81 days ago

    Spurs fan since June 12 2014

    go back under yo rock

  • daniel magnuson posted 89 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    go get a brain troll ass bich