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David Rutter

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I'm an award nominated film director and award winning screenwriter.

I'm a big sports fan, although I don't have the time that I use to to be able to watch all my favorite teams every night.

I'm also very sarcastic, so you'll probably notice it in my articles and/or comments.

If you want to follow me on Twitter feel free: twitter.com/DavidRutter1990
If you want to check out what films I've done or in the process of making here's my info.

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  • Joey Mast posted 1055 days ago

    Joey Mast

    David, I am hoping you can write your Stable Article soon, Really would be happy to see the results as soon as you can As I am a big fan of your writing. Have a great day!


  • Justin Eldridge posted 1060 days ago

    Justin Eldridge

    David, I am truly sorry about the stable article. I was completely unaware that you had already done one on the same topic. I have asked B/R to remove my two articles dedicated to the stables that I wrote due to this. I knew you had done others (I even voted for Bobby Heenan on the manager version), and I asked if it was an issue of me doing it. I was told to go ahead and I did. I should have looked deeper and asked your permission. I am truly sorry about this. It will not happen again.

  • Joey Mast posted 1077 days ago

    Joey Mast

    Hey David, I love your Poll's I will be voting on all the one's I can, If you could respond I would love to vote on the current one as soon as you get it out thanks!

  • john L posted 1381 days ago

    john L

    when are you making the least favorite slideshow

  • Windy City Cub posted 1400 days ago

    Windy City Cub

    Hey Dave. I recently commented on your top 10 best wrestlers of all time list. There was an error when I tried submitting the list, so I kept hitting "submit" until it finally posted my comment. The problem is that it ended up posting the comment 3 times! Anyway I can get 2 of those 3 postings deleted? I dont want to come off like a troll or bot. Thanks.