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  • Kat Brockway posted 721 days ago

    Kat Brockway

    URGENT: Could you please email me at veditzcentermd@gmail.com as we need to talk to you regarding the article you wrote? You might HELP us. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1197630-detroit-tigers-al-kaline-my-father-and-the-baltimore-connection is the article you wrote and we need to discuss regarding the good news of Westport. Looking forward to hear from you soon!

  • Hey Abdul...why don't you STFU? This guy is a very good writer...why not hate on the Jays??

  • James Morisette posted 732 days ago

    James  Morisette

    To Abdul...Actually grew up on border between Detroit and Canada...Like Jays...Kelly Gruber was one of my favorite players. Have a good rest of your weekend..

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 733 days ago


    don't worry about Abdul, James (from what Jonathan said your name was).

    He's being taken cared of.

  • Abdul Jabir posted 733 days ago

    Abdul Jabir

    Look here Mongoose (name of a Halo 3 vehicle). Why do you constantly hate on the Jays. Just out of curiosity, are you biased against other countries? My friend just showed me that rotation article you wrote about how the Jays have the worst rotation in the AL East. You're two reasons were experience and no gel time. Oh yeah silly me, because baseball is such a gel-oriented sport.......NOT. That article made me laugh so hard I spilled diet cherry coke out of my left nostril. What a joke. Come on Mongoose. All of yopur other work is some of the finest I've ever read on BR but this was so sub-par. You're better than that. Keep up articles like that and you'll be writing for a middle school newspaper. However, keep up articles like your other ones and I wouldn't be surprised to see you writing for ESPN one day.

  • James Morisette posted 749 days ago

    James  Morisette

    LOL....The two comments re: Tebow below go to show just how polarized are on this guy. Like him you're a fanatic. Hate him, well, Jets misery loves company.

  • Will posted 749 days ago


    Stud Lee:

    You continually get everything wrong.

    All of that negativity and ugliness came from you and other Tebow fanatics continually trolling our team page and crapping all over the Jets organization for not sharing your own opinion of Tim Tebow.

  • Stud Lee posted 749 days ago

    Stud Lee

    Your article about the Tebow double standard? The comments are drooling with negativity and ugliness. Thanks for the article. I gave it a prop.....but there isn't enough time to deal with the ignoramus's so I didn't leave a comment.

  • Jon Reid posted 800 days ago

    Jon Reid

    Welcome back man. What happened to ur account there? It just said Bleacher Report for the last little while.

  • James Morisette Sr. posted 850 days ago

    James Morisette Sr.

    Now what are you going to do now (homegrown) Detroit>>>(lives in) Baltimore Guy lets see you get out of this one. Dad

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