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I am a lifelong Packers fan currently living in Virginia. I was born and raised in Virginia, but have family with mid-west roots. Growing up in a Packers household, I have followed the Packers as a kid, but I also am a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Chicago Blackhawks.

I have both a Master's degree in Professional Writing and a teaching certificate from Old Dominion University. I currently teach 12th grade English.

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  • Jamie Schliesmann posted 2337 days ago

    Jamie Schliesmann

    Michael, I agree w/ 4 of the 5, and you SHOULD add Bush as well! (wish I had your email add., and we' could do a beer wager on tomorrow. Quarless HAS to stay. He was a staple last year, and what if mr. stuper star-Finley goes down again? Mr. Q was a NEED in the playoffs~~~
    I've been adamant about how the Jenkins' Cut (5 mil. a year) will hurt them; and Thompson did negotiate w/ Grant and handed Crosby 3 mil. ayr. WOW!
    But, we're hurtin' (again) on the lines, and none can perform like Tauscher; meanwhile TT finally cut Harrell, doesn't negotiate w/ Jenkins, but keeps Wilson(not), Neal(not), and Wynn(not).
    These OL TT-draftees are gonna get Rodgers KILLED. A-Rod's been sacked 4 times in 3 qtrs of play, and IT'S ONLY THE PRESEASON! This team HAS TO HAVE protection for him,and Newhouse / Schlauderaff / McD' / BAttles?/Sherman / Sherood / are all jokes, and Lang and Bulaga don't have enough vets to learn from. Clifton does NOT look good. And what's with Dominguez, he's huge, so is that it?
    Trouble in Packer Land, Teddy, and you keep trying to get rid of Sherman's people, w/ your "guru-draft-picks"!!! Hit the wire, Boy, and FAST!
    And, as usual, Michael, the GM has a PLETHORA of LB's!!! SCHESCH!

  • Dan Israeli posted 2357 days ago

    Dan Israeli

    Hey Michael, when you get a chance, check out my new list on the "10 Most Intriguing Players" of the upcoming season.

  • Michael Dunbar posted 2357 days ago

    Michael Dunbar

    congrats on your "graduation" man!!

  • Nick Caron posted 2358 days ago

    Nick Caron

    Congrats on your "graduation!"

  • E wooldridge posted 2363 days ago

    E wooldridge

    Why did u have 5 positive things and 29 negative?

  • Terry Lerch posted 2396 days ago

    Terry Lerch

    I enjoyed reading your article about top Packer games. Some games that could've made HM were the Packers beating the NE Patriots on MNF as decided underdogs; another MNF when Reggie sacked Elway late in the game to win; the Dec Raiders game (28-0) when Leroy Butler started the Lambeau Leap; Chester Marcols blockde FG that he ran in for score.

    Terry Lerch