Robert MacDuff

Robert MacDuff


Well about me, I am a die hard leafer who Grew up in B.C for that I have taken a lot of Flak over my life and for it have a hatred of The Vancouver Canucks ( the fact that I was born in Calgary Doesn't help), I live and breath hockey and Respect most players who have ever played the game ( there are a few i can't respect: here's looking at you Cooke), I played goalie for 10 years and also refereed for 2.5 years, Now i play recreational Ball hockey and love the sport, I play Defense in ball hockey but also still like to put on the pads and stop a few , Wish i didn't quit hockey so early and really miss playing it,
As for other sports, I used to be a big Baseball fan but have grown tired of the sport, And I prefer the game style used in the CFL vs The NFL, But don't care much for football anyways
well thats about all i am gonna write for now

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  • Peter Kleiss posted 2507 days ago

    Peter Kleiss

    Hey man, how are you? Is your account active? The reason I ask is that last night during our little conversation my account was banned. I hope yours is okay. I got so excited when you said you had lived in Barrie for two years becasue I grew up in Brtadford and lived on Barrie street. How funny is that. But my comments were locked and I couldn't respond until now. So how are you?