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    The boxer Klitschko from Ukraine - pro-American! It supports the new illegal Ukrainian power which came by revolution and overthrow with support of the American politicians! As also Klitschko receives the financial help from America to support this illegal Ukrainian power. This new illegal pro-American government uses the weapon, volley hail systems, tanks and phosphorus-incendiary bombs against peace and unarmed inhabitants! And Klitschko too supports it! PEOPLE, Klitschko - the fascist because it, supports this fascist power which by means of America came to the power in Ukraine! People, tell at home about this boxer Klitschko - he isn't worthy the champion titles and awards! Klitschko - a condom! Кому интересна правда, кто может и не боится рассказать своим друзьям эту правду и кому не безразлична судьба МИРА (от того что происходит на Украине сейчас зависит все равновесие во всем МИРЕ. ) - пишите и спрашивайте:

  • Bill Snider posted 1491 days ago

    Bill Snider

    Here is a recent post to me on the Alabama web page. I always thought this was true, but I'd never heard an Alabama fan admit that they were secretly an Auburn fan also. LOL

    Default-user-icon-comment Jennifer Joiner posted about 6 hours ago Contributor I

    Ha bill snider! You can't mess with us Bama fans! Even if y'all win we will go back to be auburn fans like when scam newton was there! Y'all ain't got enough teams to keep up with us!

  • Clarke posted 2113 days ago


    The NCAA publishes each year the graduation rates for every school and every sport. Its refered to as the 'gsr' rates. Schools can lose scholarships if the rates fall below a certain standard. Southern U. in Baton Rouge is an example of scholarships being reduced. LSU has a 77% rate, behind Vandy. What is interesting, the ncaa counts the kids that do not graduate, but leave early for the NFL, against the %. Coach Miles and his stats can be found at LSU or the SEC sites. Go to They will send you press releases on all sports. Its free, just sign up. I am a LSU "homer". My parents graduated from LSU, as did my brother and sister and myself. My son is a senior at LSU and is involed with LSU athletics. My daughter will be attending LSU in the fall on an academic scholarship. We have had 8 season football tickets in our family since 1948. I shouldn't let bama fans upset me, but they do and it has nothing to do with Nick! I think it is ashame that high school kids control the future of coaches and the various programs at universities. I think football should have an early signing period, the same as other sports and it would end a lot of the problems. We are looking foward to the baseball season and I think the LSU nation will be very happy with the team this spring. Geaux Tigers!