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Mr. Daniel Marks has has studied martial arts, including boxing, karate, jiujitsu and kali, for over 30 years. Mr. Marks, who possesses a Black Belt in karate, first heard of 52 Backs from fellow officers at the beginning of his decade-long military career in the 1980s and was intrigued by the genre but found that information and tutelage was scarce. After giving his all in the Army, in 1993 Mr. Marks moved to New York, pursuing a social work track and working a group home as well as completing a degree in Computer Science. A that point, he has been researching the culture and its connectors more intently, meeting with practitioners and recording their narratives piecing together the puzzle that is Black Martial Culture. Mr. Marks supports his passion and his research with earnings from his own LLC as well as his position within the field of high end IT technology and computer applications.

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