Canadian Steelerfan

Canadian Steelerfan


At this time, I am not sure that my bio is something anyone is interested in. I am committed to education, intelligent analysis and reasoned discussion. I love the NFL more than any other sports league, partly because the schedule makes every single game relevant, and the playoff structure keeps the majority of teams in the playoff hunt until late in the season.

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  • Rebecca Rollett posted 1544 days ago

    Rebecca Rollett

    Thanks - I'm glad you enjoy my articles!

  • Matt Shervington posted 1631 days ago

    Matt Shervington

    Troy Polamalu Overrated? Have these guys done the research or even watched the games?

  • Gregory Isaacs posted 1654 days ago

    Gregory Isaacs

    Here you go bro.

  • Ulex Xane posted 1720 days ago

    Ulex Xane

    Awesome, my friend! Steeler Nation extends all around the globe, and some of us are just as die-hard as Pittsburgh natives. A pleasure to meet you and read your erudite and well-informed comments, cheers!