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  • Carter McKaughan posted 1592 days ago

    Carter McKaughan

    Hi Regan,
    I saw your comment on the recent NCAA lawsuit and I took issue with it. See, the difference between you, and let’s say, Johnny Manziel is that he generated 37 Million Dollars last year for Texas A&M. The cost of an instate tuition at Texas A&M is $8,421, Room & Board is $8,200 and most students graduate with an average of $21,182 dollars of debt. That adds up to a grand total 16,441. This means that for every dollar that Texas A&M spends on Johnny Football he earns them $2,250.47. In the month of March the NCAA earns more money, over $1,000,000,000, during the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, or March Madness, than the NBA Playoffs, MLB Playoffs, and NHL Playoffs combined, $989,000,000. To say that the players who participate in this tournament do not deserve to be compensated is more than a little silly. Your acting program makes your school no money; in fact it probably cost your school money. If you choose to, and are able to, find work acting outside of school at a “professional gig” any money you make will be able to keep. This is not true for college athletes. If they were to use their talents to attempt to make money, they would be stripped of their amateur status. If that happens they are no longer allowed to play college athletics at an NCAA affiliated school. Basketball players are not allowed to enter the NBA Draft unless they are at least 19 years old or one year removed from high school unless they are defined as an international player. Football players must be three years removed from high school. During those years it is very easy to get injury that will end your career. If you were to accept two hundred dollars to feed your family, you would not be suspended, unlike Jamar Samuels. To put it bluntly your dollar value and skill set is not worth as much as D1 Football or D1 Men's Basketball player's is.