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Abhishek Gogte

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I am a very big fan of the Arsenal Football Club . I have been a fan since the 2003-04 campaign and seriously started following the premier league since the 2008-09 season .And slowly i am moving towards all of the European as well as American Campaigns. Till now i have a lot of experience of the tastes and the tactics of the footballing world .
What i think is that bleacher report has provided a stage where you can expose yourself , your thoughts and gossips which are going on in the world of football . Though I am actually starting blogging about football on this page after 2 years :P i guess. Its Nice to have such a Page !
Currently I have started working at my band , which is Red Seems Right where i am the bass guitarist . We are a very small group right now , because we have just established our band just a few months ago .

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