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Brandon began his writing career with Bleacher Report in August 2011. He studies business at Syracuse University, and bleeds Orange. He covers, NBA, Syracuse Basketball, and NCAAB Recruiting.


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  • Jim Militano posted 2013 days ago

    Jim Militano

    Brandon, Thanks again for the article, I read your profile and I am fans of same teams as a matter of fact almost all of the NY pro sport teams some more than others but I still follow them all, NYY NYJ NYK NYG BN and CUSE, to a lesser extent NYM and NHL teams. anyway I have followed Cuse since Wendell Alexis and Raf Addison, I was in Juvenille school in the freeville\dryden area in upstate NY and the one TV played Cuse sports. I have seen all my teams play live except Jim Boeheim and the Orange in the dome, do you have any suggestions on how to get tickets? I live on Long Island and watch every Orange game that's televised, please any advice you have regarding tickets will be appreciated. One last thing the player I am most lookinig forward to seeing next season is Trevor Cooney, I saw a show and the previewed him and he looks like he put on 20 pounds of muscle and can shoot better than Gerry or Andy and those were 2 of my favorite players. write back let me know what you think.

  • Gene Siudut posted 2073 days ago

    Gene Siudut

    Thanks for being a fan Brandon. Go 'Cuse

  • Nick Forsgren posted 2203 days ago

    Nick Forsgren

    Your power rankings are crap. You have Jonny Flynn as a possible starter for the Wolves? Doesn't play for them, he's on the rockets. Try Ricky Rubio. Derrick Williams is also on the team. I don't know how you could put a team with Rubio, Johnson, Beasley, Love, Randolph, and Williams at 27. The nuggets also have Wilson Chandler stuck in China, Nene is gone, JR Smith is gone, Afflalo is gone, Smith is gone, Martin is gone, where is the talent on that team? Do some more research man.