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iam this me looking on this about wwe i dont know anymore

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  • ringo Finchum posted 1573 days ago

    ringo Finchum

    How long is WWE going to keep insulting our intelligence with that screaming vamp Vicki. She is really bringing down their shows. To the point of stupidity. Some one needs to stuff a sock in that mouth and keep her in the back where she belongs. Not out where the professional wrestlers and commentators are. Again along the lines of teaching our fans and young children the wrong way to act.
    Stepped up on the gangbangers Nexxus and the Corre. At least the Corre is acting a little more mature than street thugs now. But still have a long way to go before they are acting as a professional athletes. How hard is it for a business to be supervising their show in a proper manner before they destroy it completely. WWE used to be alot of fun instead of alot of disappointment watching idiots like Vicki and the gangs destroy our hero wrestlers. Grow up for God sakes and run your business right.

    TNA us slowly growing. And why?? WWE is screwing their own professional wrestlers. Wrecking the Pay Per Views by the gangbangers destroying professional matches that we pay hard money for to see. TNA hopefully can step it up too. I hate seeing our great WWE performers go down to a show that has nothing but old time losers on it. The only thing keeping that show up is the young extreme wrestlers that can actually put on a good match. Now we got the old foggies acting like a bunch of punk gangbangers,. What is with the wrestling corporates. Have they lost a grasp on the reality of good sportsmanship. Not wasting my money anymore to see people mistreaded by authority figures the way they are now. And my kids will not be aloud to watch the showings until they are improved.