Miguel Ramirez Jr.

Miguel Ramirez Jr.


Born and raised in Connecticut with deep family ties to New York, he attended the University of Connecticut and since childhood has had a cult-like obsession with the NFL.

Avid sports enthusiast, the major teams he follows are mainly based in the New York market: New York Yankees and New York Jets.

College basketball is a close runner up (The University of Connecticut. #HuskyNation) and the football conference where his loyalty lies, is none other than the Pac-12.

Devoted to in-depth football player analysis, player development and NFL franchise operations, you could argue that his dream job would be the General Manager of a Professional Football franchise; (he's working on it.)

Currently residing in Southern California and debating whether the next move is law school or saving the world.

We'll keep you posted.

You can follow him on Twitter: @_ChaseTheFuture

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  • Michael Mulligan posted 1953 days ago

    Michael  Mulligan

    How come you stopped writing?

  • Aaron Jacobs posted 2073 days ago

    Aaron Jacobs

    Just wanted to say I read your articles, good job. I'm fairly new to bleacher too and focusing my attention on writing about the Jets. You articles have a great amount of detail, shows you do your homework on what you write about, good stuff bro, keep it up!

  • Michael Mulligan posted 2087 days ago

    Michael  Mulligan

    For your first article it's great, and you're right about beat writers writing about their designated teams, either to much love or none. Jets fans are known for hatting on writers so don't let a reader ruin your day. Keep up the solid work!