Rich Straub

Rich Straub


I was born and raised in Southern California. If you've already looked at my favorite teams, that was probably a pretty redundant statement. I believe that I have some poignant insights to share but I'm not necessarily an interesting person, per se, so let's just move on to what I'm passionate about.

Baseball - You don't need to say it. I know full well that I'm a Dodger homer. It's been that way since I watched my first game 30 years ago and it's not going to change. Despite this shortcoming, I am also a baseball fanatic. I hear non-fanatics say all the time that the "steroid era" and the players implicated, aren't a problem. "They saved baseball and made it more exciting to the fans," they say. Stats (and therefore, records) are by far more important in baseball than any other major sport. When stats and records are skewed by "cheating" or anything else, the sport dies a little. Unfortunately, there's been a lot of dying in the last several years and I, for one, am tired of it!

Boxing - My first memories of the "sweet science" are sitting on the floor of my Grandfather’s living room. We were watching the images on the 13" screen in a 50" wooden cabinet while my Grandpa and Dad were behind me on the couch, screaming their lungs out. I've been completely hooked since then. The sport is very different now and that's not necessarily a good thing. Not at all.

Everything Else - Everyone who knows me (hopefully, you all will get at least a glimpse soon) will tell you that I'm a ridiculous fan of everything sports. This is absolutely true. I've even gotten into drag racing a little bit lately. I'll surely have an opinion on every sport (and "fringe" sport) out there - and I'll be passionate about it. When it comes to the two above though, it could get ugly. Unless you're a fan too, then it should be sweet.

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