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  • Matthew Wilder posted 1171 days ago

    Matthew  Wilder

    The Browns just made an offer to Matt Flynn. The Dolphins did that too. We'll see what happens.

  • Matthew Wilder posted 1171 days ago

    Matthew  Wilder

    Mario Manningham officially proved my point today. He said that Cleveland is not a hot destination for many free agents because of two makor factors:

    1. Quarterback situation
    2. Bad weather

    If we can sign a qb in the coming week, it will significantly improve our chances. So, many drafting one is a terrible idea. We need to sign Matt Flynn or Kevin Kolb immediately.

  • Matthew Wilder posted 1172 days ago

    Matthew  Wilder

    I also hear what you are saying about McCoy needing proper protection and weapons on offense. Every quarterback needs that. Hopefully, the Browns will be ambitious and sign one of the big name wide receivers on the market. Right now, Pierre Garcon and Robert Meachem are two favorites of the Browns.

    They are also keeping a very close eye on what is happening in Arizona. If quarterback Kevin Kolb is not signed today by Arizona, the Browns may go after him. I guess anything is possible right now.

  • Matthew Wilder posted 1172 days ago

    Matthew  Wilder

    Oops, I meant reject by potential employers.

  • Matthew Wilder posted 1172 days ago

    Matthew  Wilder

    Hey Mark,

    I am suggesting a quarterback needs both touch and strength. The best quarterbacks know how to adapt to each situation. I never said it had to be all arm strength but is required to be successful.

    That's like when a person applies for a job but doesn't meet all of the qualifications. I can't tell you how many people straight out of college have rejected for potential employers because they didn't have those 5 years of experience. Many of us can be more talented in our fields than veterans but yet they are the ones that get the jobs. It's because they have more knowledge. They are said to have a complete edge nine times out of ten.

    That's often how it works in the N.F.L. So honestly, i'd be more in favor of signing a free agent than drafting another quarterback. I understand the other solution is let McCoy develop but it can't hurt to have a safety net in place.

  • Satch Wilson posted 1172 days ago

    Satch Wilson

    QB# 1 is Colt McCoy
    QB# 2 is Cam Newton
    QB#3 is Matt Flynn

    Complete body of work preseason & reg

    Franchise QB's
    Aaron Rogers every 14.6 throws is a TD & 58.61 is int
    Peyton Manning------18.07----------------------36.41

    Matt Flynnn------------19.18---------------------38.37
    Cam Newton_______26.09_____________33.76
    Colt McCoy_-----------32.09---------------------33.47

    Just trying to see if Matt Flynn would be worth the risk. I think so!

  • Satch Wilson posted 1172 days ago

    Satch Wilson

    Mark can you take these stats & even them out to make a comparison. I am struggling with it & don't seem to be able to.

    1 770 456 4861 59.9 24 23
    2 574 334 4351 58.0 22 17
    3 307 187 1981 62.0 16 8

  • Satch Wilson posted 1176 days ago

    Satch Wilson

  • Joel Arthur posted 1346 days ago

    Joel Arthur

    Mark, I'm glad you share your thoughts and I like your edginess. I didn't mind when you came down on me for being a Mangini supporter, and if I start doing something like trying to defend Robiskie's lack of production or our right tackle problems I'd expect you to be one of the voices of reason.

  • Duan Carter posted 1352 days ago

    Duan Carter

    After reading your bulletin board it all makes sense now? Looking at the bulletin post by Bryson Wiler - I guess I'm not the only Browns fan you've had issue with.

    Dude I'm not the enemy - and I'll say it again, you make some real solid points. But when other posters come up and post how they feel about something they've seen or something that frustrates, your responses can be a little provocative and have a mean undertone to them.

    Browns fans aren't a dime a dozen, so you might want to consider giving some folks the benefit of the doubt regarding their loyalty.

    All in all just came to say I came to the B/R to vent, speak on somethings I'm glad to see and at times some things I'm not too happy about seeing. But all in all came here to meet others who shair that one common bond and that is the Cleveland Browns.

    Hope that in the future, the only thing we argue over is who the Browns should draft. I want you wish you the best and once again, sorry about your brother.