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Corey Nachman is a sports fan with internet access.

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  • Nedu Obi posted 2217 days ago

    Nedu Obi

    Thanks Corey! The edits and feedback is much appreciated.

  • Devon Teeple posted 2219 days ago

    Devon  Teeple

    Thanks for the edits Corey

  • Thomas Galicia posted 2220 days ago

    Thomas Galicia

    Thanks for the edits and the kind words, as well as for pointing out that Mexico City and Los Angeles are bigger North American Cities without NFL teams. The Mexico City ommission I'll admit is partly because I never really considered Mexico to be a part of North America (to me it was more Central America, nothing against Mexico really) and I always thought that Toronto was bigger than LA.

  • Steven Conklin posted 2221 days ago

    Steven Conklin

    Thanks for the edit and the kind words, Corey.

  • John Rozum posted 2241 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks for the edits bro

  • JA Allen posted 2243 days ago

    JA Allen

    Thanks Corey! Much appreciated!

  • Jacqueline Moen-Kadlec posted 2245 days ago

    Jacqueline Moen-Kadlec

    Thanks for the edit, Corey! :)

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 2246 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Thanks for the quick edit

  • Sunil Ram posted 2250 days ago

    Sunil Ram

    thanks for the edit and positive feedback Corey, it's much appreciated!

  • Alex Joseph posted 2251 days ago

    Alex Joseph

    Hey thanks for the edit and the nice words Corey. I appreciate it!