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  • Paul McIntyre posted 880 days ago

    Paul McIntyre

    My comeback article has arrived! Please take the time to read and comment.


  • Ian Hill posted 882 days ago

    Ian Hill

    Thanks for your refreshing and varied forms of writing. From character analysis, to humor, to analogy and more. I miss your unique style.

  • Le Maquine posted 918 days ago

    Le Maquine

    Disastrous job on your UFC 144 Report Card article today, were you hungover or something?

  • Le Maquine posted 918 days ago

    Le Maquine

    Disastrous job on your article today "UFC 144 Report Card..." never seen such an inaccurate article in this website. I'm submitting my entry soon and will be replacing you

  • Garrett the Man posted 930 days ago

    Garrett the Man

    A few days ago, you did the article WWE's 15 Best Animal Mascots of All Time. You should do one called What Would Current WWE Superstar's Mascots Be.

  • Eric Savalas posted 931 days ago

    Eric Savalas

    Good to see your last article on Sonnen-Brazil got banned.

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 931 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    No problem, man!

  • Rassoull Shabazz posted 939 days ago

    Rassoull Shabazz

    Hey matt, thanks for replying to my comments it really means a lot. Also, I wanted to know if you had some insight on how a guy can get with a comic book/manga & anime producer, & become a musician at the same time while in the service. I am leaving for basic training in the air force in a few weeks & it would really help if you could give me some insight. Thanks.

  • Tyler Collison posted 946 days ago

    Tyler Collison

    Honestly, Matt, it's just nice to see you read the comments. Too many times I edit pieces and the feedback seems to fall on deaf ears.

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 946 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    No problem, I see a ton of articles on the Royal Rumble...must have been exciting.

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