Left B/R MMA for CagePotato in May 2013.
I also write for Thought Catalog, BuzzFeed, and several other sites now!

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  • hater posted 1856 days ago


    Since my previous comments have mysteriously been deleted, i thought i'd tell you on your board. You are an idiot ;)

  • Alberto Luperon posted 2032 days ago

    Alberto Luperon

    Hey, Matt. Thanks for letting me know. I'll try to keep that in mind next time I review one of your articles.

  • JP Smith posted 2077 days ago

    JP Smith

    Unfortunately, I just might be the only one to say so, anyway...glad you weren't afraid to put it out there man!


  • Nick Sellers posted 2152 days ago

    Nick  Sellers

    No problem, that was an overall great job on your part. An editor's delight for sure.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 2156 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Matt!

  • Randall Woo posted 2168 days ago

    Randall Woo

    Thanks Matt! Keep up the great MMA coverage.

  • Seymor Kush posted 2181 days ago

    Seymor Kush

    and now , since i changed my name , all my comments havent been touched. lol i know im not crazy. Either way it doesnt matter cuz ill just make a new one. Its a free country and i did nothing wrong but give my opinion

  • Seymor Kush posted 2181 days ago

    Seymor Kush

    i havent for instance , that article about MMA becoming better then WWE. You should know what my name is cuz i made a comment , and it got deleted so i made a new one "Seymor" and commented under that name. It didnt get deleted and all i did was agree that WWE is getting left behind. Now , you tell me what i did wrong.

  • Seymor Kush posted 2181 days ago

    Seymor Kush

    Yo , why do my comments keep getting erased?

  • Ari LeVaux posted 2183 days ago

    Ari LeVaux

    Hey Matt, thanks for your comment on my New Yorker piece. Do you have any advice for getting it on the MMA page? Right now it's only listed on the UFC page, which is terribly ironic given one of my main points is that UFC does not equal MMA. I emailed Brian Oswald but so far no respons